Darth Otaku

Flashback, Part 1

The Town Devil, and the Trip to Mogrel Town


In the quaint, snowy town of Underforge, trouble has been brewing. Men have been disappearing, and villagers have started to point fingers at the tiefling wanderer, Dante, who has just come to town. The town guardsman commander, Legion, investigates, and offers to help Dante clear his name and asks for his help in finding the monster terrorizing the town.
The two research at the library, cross-referencing their knowledge, and after checking for info around town, they venture into the forest.
In the forest, camouflaged and stealthily sneaking along, they avoid a passing yeti, and soon find themselves following a trail of footprints trudging through the snow, further west. They come across a clearing, where they find a summoning circle. Legion and Dante decide that it must be a succubus, and Legion suspects the librarian.
Just then, something attempts to get into Legion’s head telepathically, and he dispels it with prayers of his goddess. They go back to the village, and notice something going on in town. They see a black shape escape into the forest, and Legion nicks it with an arrow.
They find nothing, and a few days pass.
The librarian approaches the two men days later, and invites them to breakfast. She introduces herself as Eludecia. They accept, and as they sit down with her, talking for a few hours, they realize that she knows they suspect her, and asks what they wished to do. They decide to trick the village into thinking that they vanquished her, and come up with a plan to fake a fight in the forest.
When they are ready, they venture into the forest, and Dante uses thamaturgy to simulate the sounds of battle. They create the illusion of the succubus’s head to bring back as proof, and are seen as folk heroes. The succubus leaves, and vows to not attack this country again.
Legion and Dante gain the favor of the succubus and Undeforge.
They notice that the priest is gone, however, and was said to have left for Phandalin, where dark trouble is brewing. Determined to get answers, assuming that it was he who summoned the succubus, and set off after Legion retires his position as commander.

On their way to the closest town to the south, the duo are attacked by a pack of six wolves. Without much effort, the two slaughter the wolves with teamwork and brute strength, overpowering the wolves and using their own attacks against them. Afterward, they continue south and arrive at Mogrel Town. Legion, eager to return to his hometown of Thundertree, leaves, and Dante stays back to do some work to earn money, promising to meet Legion in Thundertree.
Legion leaves the party.
During his stay at Mogrel Town, he meets Aunnie and Kushula, who are out on their own adventure. They agree to travel together to Thundertree, as there is safety in numbers, and set off toward Thundertree down Thundertree trail.
Aunnie and Kushula join the party.



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