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Flashback, Part 2

The Cult of Tiamat, and the Dragon Knights


In the town of Strife, before his journey to Underforge, Mogrel Town or Thundertree, Dante finds himself tracking down a cult bent on bringing the evil dragon goddess Tiamat into their plain.
As he reaches the town and starts asking around, he is approached by a human named Vain, a man secretly in the cult, attempting to destroy it from the inside. The two team up, and begin their search for the cultists.
Vain joins the party.
They search for clues all about the town, asking shop owners, Lorekeepers, bartenders and urchins what they know. As they start to piece together clues, they are ambushed in the streets of the slums by red-hooded cultists. An old lady is caught in the crossfire, and is captured as a hostage. Vain manages to shoot the knife from her captor’s hand, and grabs the old lady, ushering her into the sweets shop, to safety. As Dante slays a man outside, Vain attempts to jump through the sweets shop window and slam into two men. He cracks the window on his first try, and shatters it on his second, slamming into one man with his shield and simultaneously slicing the throat of another. Just then, Dante slays another man after losing grip on his battleaxe, and two guardsmen—fellow servants of Bahamut, and in turn, allies to Vain—hear the noises, and come running to help. Dante slays two more men, and a guard kills the last of the six attackers.
They make their way to the Town Hall, and talk to the Lorekeeper. They manage to uncover a plot to ambush the two characters and decide to foil it. They sneak into the dark room brimming with their attackers and assassinate two of them. Before they can kill any others, the door bursts open and in walks King, a vampire-born dragon knight.
Vain rushes over to warn him that he is no threat, but, unknowing of Dante’s presence, King unleashes a torrent of lighting, which ignites the barrels of ale lining the corridor. Dante and the ambushers are caught up in the mayhem, and Dante is knocked unconscious. When the chaos dies down, Vain rushes over and stabilizes his new-found friend, and brings him back into consciousness. Dante rants at his attacker, but as the over-arching threat looms, they all turn their attention to the town mayor, the only unharmed cultist. Using Thaumaturgy, Dante turns the torches lighting the room into a sapphire blue, and changes his eyes to bright red. The three of them greatly intimidate the town mayor, and they saunter down the corridor.
King wraps his fingers around the man’s throat, and they start to question him. As they do, King starts to torture him, first by squeezing harder, and then by draining the man of his blood. The man says something that infuriates Vain,and the human turns and sets four of the six remaining men aflame with his fire breath. Vain and Dante cross sword with ax, and run at one of the last men. With a mighty swing, it severs the head of the man, and Vain stabs the last man in the chest. Now, the mayor is the last one standing. Dante severs his right leg at the knee, but soon after, the man breaks free, reaching for his claymore sword. He swings, and King parries a blow that might have gravely injured Dante. He drives his rapier into the man’s throat, nearly killing him.
Vain stabs his sword into the man’s left hand, and Dante stabs his right, crucifying him to the wall. King grabs his rapier, and rips it down his chest, spilling his innards. To add insult to injury, Vain severs his head, and when the man has been stripped of his valuables, Dante used his tinderbox to set the man aflame.
The cult was decimated, and the town saved.
Dante, Vain and King earn the favor of Strife.
Later, the trio discuss their plans. Dante is a wandering monster hunter, and the two dragon knights find a mutual dislike for Tiamat and her evil. Reluctantly, they decide to travel as a group, and decide should they ever get separated, they should meet in the town called Thundertree.
Vain joins the party.
King Joins the party.
During an unnamed event that separates them, they are split: Dante alone, and the two dragon knights traveling together, much to King’s dismay. Dante heads toward Thundertree, and on his way, enters a town called Underforge.
Vain leaves the party.
King leaves the party.



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