Darth Otaku

Red vs. Blue

The Siege Weapons, and the Dualing Dragons


After accepting their reward from Fredrick, Dante, Aunnie, Vain, Baaza, Kushula and King buy a cart and a horse, and travel to an abandoned tower outside Thundertree. When they arrive, they smell death in the air, and a small red tent sits outside the tower. As they draw near, a man dressed in robes emerges, summoning forth a line of undead that shamble out of the tower. He demands and explanation, and the group decides it best to tell him.
Hearing about their goals, he calls the zombies off and decides to offer his help in exchange for a magical item. King gives up her memory scribe dagger, and the necromancer agrees to lend a handle when the orcs attack. He also allows them to take the two ballistae from the ruins of the tower and sends them on their way.
The group gains the aid of The Necromancer.
On their way back to Thundertree, the group stumbles across a burned and broken piece of land. Nearby, roars shatter the ground and birds fly off frantically. In the forest, over a flowing stream, two dragons are locked in battle, destroying all in their path. One red, and one blue—fire and lightning clashing in a battle of titans. Baaza, Kushula and Aunnie decide it’s best to avoid it altogether, while the other three rush in to investigate.
When they do, Vain rushes in headlong, slashing at the red dragon as the two beasts touch down in a small clearing. The sword bounces off, and the dragon unleashes a fiery breath on the human. King steps in to help his comrade, and, simultaneously with his young dragon companion, the two let loose their own breath attacks, absorbing some of the damage Vain would have sustained. When the heat of the attacks died down, the blue dragon shouted for the humanoids to flee, telling them that the red dragon wanted nothing more than her territory and riches.
Getting an idea, King throws out his family name, promising the riches of the entire Tempest family in exchange for the dragon to leave. The dragon hesitantly accepts, and goes about his business, heading for the Tempest castle. The blue dragon, grateful, offers her name, Adelina. She offers one favor in return for their deed. They decide to ask her help against the approaching orcs.
The group gains the aid of Adelina.
With the promise of her aid, they go on their way, and meet back up with the others, making their journey back to Thundertree.
When they arrive at Thundertree, they take their siege weapons to the blacksmith in the Guild Hall, and he agrees to aid them, asking that they help him fashion the bolts of the weapons. They spend the rest of their time building and fortifying the town, and delegate where they will distribute the troops, this endeavor led by King.
After a day of peace, with everything set, word arrives in Thundertree that the orcs have been spotted.



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