Darth Otaku

The Adventure Begins!

Thundertree Trail, and The Goblin Trap


The three Adventurers, Dante, Kushula and Aunnie make their way down a well-worn path leading out of the wooded area they had hiked through. As they do, with Kushula in the lead, they are surrounded on both sides by tall grass and hills. Two goblins emerge from the grass side-by -side, and attack Kushula. As the trio fight the goblins, Aunnie notices that there is movement nearby, and deduces that more enemies lie in wait. Dante kills one goblin, and two more emerge from the grass. Dante breaks from the first two to fight one of the newer arrivals, and as Aunnie attacks a goblin, she loses her grip on her quarterstaff, and it is flung several yards away. She also takes a strong hit from a Goblin, and her body weakens dramatically. As the imposing threat of more goblins arises with the death of a second Goblin by Kushula’s hand, Aunnie convinces the party to run for the nearby village. The group makes their way to the hills ahead, dodging arrows, when Aunnie recalls her quarterstaff. As she doubles back to retrieve it, weaving in and out of goblins, her two allies fight off the horde. Dante successfully startles the pack with his Thamaturgy, rumbling the ground at their feet at will, With the path cleared, Aunnie is successful, and now leads the group on their way to the village. Dante slays a goblin, and as their numbers seem to thin, Aunnie catches the scent of a larger threat.

As the hills disappear, an Ogre emerges from the left side, attacking Aunnie with its greatclub. Aunnie takes a hit, but steels herself, and the damage does not hinder her. Her counterattack is strong, and she delivers a mighty blow to the giant. The growing horde of goblins attack with shortbows from a distance, but their arrows do nothing but distract from the real problem. The ogre attacks again, this time aiming for Kushula. The club strikes the drake solidly, and the blow renders the adventurer unconscious. Aunnie attacks the ogre again, and her attacks have some ground, staggering the ogre. The beast counters, however, and his next hit knocks the elf girl out cold. Dante’s attacks are ineffective, and he is the last of the three to fall.
With this, the trio have injured, but not defeated, the ogre. When they begin to wake, they are being carted into Thundertree by a stranger in armor holding a shield with the emblem of a blue lion.



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