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The First of Many

The Merchant, the Orcs, and the Owlbear

After searching around Thundertree, the adventurers find themselves before Legion, a ranger in the Blue Lionshield Guild. Legion is an acquaintance of Dante’s, and, like Dante, seeks Phandalin.
Legion joins the party.
After drinking at the local inn, the characters are approached by a merchant seeking passage on triboar trail. He offers them a reward to serve as bodyguards. Afterwards, they are approached by a second merchant. He offers a reward for the murder of his competitor, and the characters decline.
Later, the adventurers talk to a guard who seems troubled. He offers a reward to them to eliminate the orcs at Wyvern’s Tor, which so happens to be along the triboar trail. They accept, and convince the guard to join them.
Guardsman joins the party.
Knowing they will be undertaking a difficult quest, the characters go to the Blue Lionshield Guild and recruit an untrained Hireling.
Hireling joins the party.
After buying armor and bows for their two new companions, the group sets off with the merchant and his wagon down triboar trail.
Merchant joins the party.
As they travel along, Legion and Aunnie spot two dead horses in the road with black arrows sticking out of their bodies, as well as blood trails leading into the forest on their left. They scout ahead, and spot only the movement of scared birds. They retreat to the plains half a mile out, and travel until nightfall. As the party sets up camp, half of the members sleep. While on watch, Legion spots an owlbear charging their wagon. He coats his new black arrow in explosive liquid, and the arrow hits its mark, setting the beast aflame. It attacks the hireling, and Aunnie yanks the young man up and into the wagon, to safety. As i attacks Kushula, the merchant throws a torch in between them, scaring the beast off momentarily. As they rest of the party fails to pierce the tough hide, Legion leaps onto the beast’s back and stabs it repeatedly. The party attacks until the beast is nearly dead, and once injured, it attempts to flee. Legion aims a flaming arrow and hits the owlbear, killing it.
As they start to breathe easier, four orcs emerge from the darkness, and the party slaughters them with ease.
A few minutes later, Aunnie and Kushula spot a light in the distance, on triboar trail. It appears to be a single being. The light is extinguished, and the being, Baaza, hides in the tall grass off to the right of the trail. A few seconds later, two orcs emerge from the forest,
An instant later, they hear a loud whistling sound. Above, 40-50 flaming arrows approach in a swarm, heading toward the group. Aunnie uses her druid craft, and blows out the flames on the arrows. The group hides behind the wagon to avoid the now-normal arrows. After the bombardment, ten more orcs emerge, joining the first two in a charge toward the wagon.
The group prepares an ambush, taking a barrel of ale and setting it behind a small flame to draw in the orcs. Meanwhile, the wagon escapes with the merchant and hireling. As the orcs approach, Dante grows the flame, exploding the barrel and setting the orcs and the surrounding area aflame. In the chaos, the adventurers escape to the merchant market.
Once there, they meet with their merchant, gain their reward, and dismiss the hireling.
Merchant leaves the party.
Hireling leaves the party.
Aunnie takes her weapon to be modified at a blacksmith, and the adventurers must wait three days for its completion. During this, they meet Baaza, and convince him to travel with them.
Baaza joins the party.
The characters spar, gaining battle experience. When Aunnie gets her weapon back, the blacksmith offers a reward for his brother’s whereabouts. Aunnie accepts, and the party leaves for Thundertree.
On their way, they pick up and follow the orc trail, which leads them to the base of the orcs. They kill the scout, and team up to kill a second scout. Aunnie uses her rabbit form to scout the cave base, and Baaza uses Kushula’s owlbear heart and her medicinal kit to create a sleeping bomb. Aunnie, in her beast form, deposits the bomb successfully, and the cave inhabitants are fast asleep. The group slaughters the inhabitants, not waking a soul (with the exception of the last orc). They loot the cave, and realize that only half of the orcs they had burned are present.
Which begs the question: where are the other six?



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