Darth Otaku

The Ogre

Thorge, and the Castle of Goblins!


While the other half of the party goes in search of the bands of hobgoblins in the forest, Dante, seeking revenge for his defeat at the hands of Thorge, goes to fight at the ogre’s castle with his allies Vain and King. As the trio approaches the ruined castle, they are fired at from arrow slits as they reach the front doors. They bolt inside the double doors, which have already been busted in from some unknown source many years ago.
As they do, they have announced their presence to the nearest rooms. Four hobgoblins and four goblins burst out from room on either sides of the hall and close in on the group. As both of his allies hit the ground, King leaps into the air and unleashes his thunderous wave spell, defeating several goblins in an instant and pushing their other foes back. A virtual slaughter ensues, and the party dispatches the creatures with ease.
They move on, making their way down a dark hallway and turning into a room with hanging curtains and a brazier at the end. Halfway down this room, a grick drops down from the ceiling, and Dante and King take it out in one fell swoop. They reach the door at the opposite end, and decimate three goblins inside, taking the valuables at the crude religious altar the goblins had been praying at.
Meanwhile, while tracking the hobgoblins back to their hideout, Kushula, Aunnie and Baaza find themselves at Thorge’s castle as well, stumbling across the carnage left by their comrades. They venture forward, dodging a trap set by the goblins, and just miss their allies, making their way into the castle storage room. They move on, and look around the castle halls and rooms.
Nearby, Dante, Vain and King enter the castle kitchens, and frighten a group of goblins, before killing them all. As they dispatch the last goblin, the other group of adventurers find them, and together they go looking for Thorge. They stop and listen, and overhear Thorge talking to a girl, whose voice is silky and smooth. King and Aunnie enter the room and attempt to seduce him, luring him to his bed. It works, and the others burst in, and engage in battle with Thorge and his Dire Wolf. hey pin Thorge to his bed with Vain’s pike, and the others attack. The girl, while the fight ensues, talks to King. King and the others learn the nature of the girl’s master, and King lures her out of the room. While she begins to perform a portal spell, he kills her.
In the room with Thorge, Aunnie hits the ogre with her flail, sending the giant through the wall. He tumbles outside, and the roof begins to crumble. Vain throws himself onto the nearby prone dwarf that had been held captive and tortured by the ogre, and debris fall on them. The dwarf is saved, and Vain struggles to keep the weight from crushing them.
Everyone else escapes, and follows the fight outdoors. Thorge swings his club at the adventurers, but to no avail. They defeat Thorge with a final blow from King.
Afterward, they coax the Dire Wolf to stand down, and convince it to follow them by intimidating the dog. They loot the castle, and find a mysterious note from the changeling’s master addressed to Thorge.
They leave with their rewards, and return to Thundertree to give news of the ogre’s demise.



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