Darth Otaku

Thieving Rascals

The Goblin Camp, and the Wraith Request


As Aunnie, Dante, Kushula, Legion, Baaza and the Guardsman make their way back to Thundertree, the guardsman thanks them for their service to the town.
Guardsman leaves the party.
The party gains 1 renown with the mayor.
Later, Legion decides that it would be best if he did not linger in town for long. He heads off to train for the upcoming events.
Legion leaves the party.
Baaza, Aunnie, Dante and Kushula search for work in town, and come across news from the guardsman that there is a group of bold goblins attacking livestock and stealing the cattle. They make their way to Bann Teagan’s farm, the most recent place of the attacks, and gather information, also catching wind of a spellbook the farmer requests. They track down the goblins in the forest nearby, and hide in the brush. They decide to scare the goblins, and with help from Dante’s Thaumaturgy, they intimidate all of the goblins in the area to gather in a line. They tie up the goblins, and the leader offers to help them kill Thorge.
They decline, and kill all of the goblins, and raid the campsite.
They collect their reward from the guardsman.



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