Eldrazi (5e Race)
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1 Eldrazi
1.1 Physical Description
1.2 History
1.3 Society
1.4 Eldrazi Names
1.5 Eldrazi Traits
1.5.1 Ulamog Spawn Traits
1.5.2 Kozilek Spawn Traits
1.5.3 Emrakul Spawn Traits
1.6 Height and Weight
1.7 Eldrazi growth
1.7.1 Ulamaog brood traits
1.7.2 Kozilek brood traits
1.7.3 Emrakul brood traits
1.8 Titan Prestige

The Eldrazi are massive soulless monstrosities whose exact origins are unknown. They ravage worlds, looking for land to suck all energy from, and populate further until nothing is left from that lifeless world. Of all the Eldrazi, there are three titans to rule them all.
The first and smallest of the titans, is Ulamog, Ulamog is the Titan of Consumption. He and his brood consume living and unliving matter alike, and drain mana and vital energy from everything in the vicinity like a maelstrom. They leave white chalky structures in their wake, everything including water is transformed into the white manaless husk of what it once was.
The second is Kozilek. Kozilek is a reality-slicing abomination of relentless insanity. Kozilek represents themes of deception, mind domination, transformation, and distortion. Sages call Kozilek the confusion of panic, the trap of enigmas, and the harrower of thought. Kozilek and his brood leave behind formations that closely resemble bismuth crystals.
Lastly, the most powerful and largest of the titans is Emrakul. Emrakul causes silent terror wherever it soars, embodying desolation, emotional and physical distance, the chill of the void, and the terror of being alone. Emrakul and her brood known to leave off yellow dust, and seemingly convert the landscape into flesh and bone.
Physical Description[edit]

The Eldrazi are abominations of the realms, with multiple shades of bright colors, such as blue, red and purple. Depending on the titan they came from, they could have many suckerless tentacles, have eyes protruding their entire body, or have fungus like skin.
Because they have no real symmetric form, they are considered a crime against everything good.

Over a millennium ago, they wandered in realms that no mortal could survive in. They ravaged worlds, sucking all life and energy from the land. Eventually, three planewalkers sealed them away on a planet called Zendikar, inside a chamber called the Eye of Ugin.
Over time, they nearly escaped, and the land fought back, developing their our protection for defense. Once they were sealed away once more, peace was restored. Unfortunately enough, three other planewalkers found the location of the Eye of Ugin, where they broke the seal, and released them once more.

There is no society for the Eldrazi. It is either kill or be killed. If you are not pulling your weight in gathering resources, or do not please your titan, you will be consumed.
Eldrazi Names[edit]

The Eldrazi are so ancient, that only lore captures part of it, including the original titans names.
Those under the spawn of Ulamog usually have ‘Ula’ in their name. The spawn of Kozilek will have ‘Koz’ in their name. Finally, the spawn of Emrakul will have ‘Emra’ in their name.
The Eldrazi have no genders, but Ulamog and Kozilek are usually said with male pronouns, while Emrakul usually has female pronouns.
Eldrazi Traits[edit]

All Eldrazi have the same over all details, but some differences lie in which titan they spawn from. Because of this, the Eldrazi share these racial traits, but also must fall under a subrace.
The Eldrazi are an abomination to all planes of existence.
Ability Score Increase. Abilities are based on the titan they spawn from.
Age. They mature by about 6 months old, and do not die of old age. The oldest Eldrazi are the three titans.
Alignment. Almost always Chaotic Evil, but some may choose to break free of their titans and become neutral. There has never been word of a lawful or good Eldrazi.
Size. Variable
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Devoid. You regain 1d4 hit points after you take damage of any type other than slashing, bludgeoning or piercing.
Abomination. Due to your grotesque figure, you have advantage on Intimidation checks against humanoids, additionally you may not wear non-magical armor or wield non-magical weapons.
Land Drain. You drain the energy out of the land. If you are standing on natural non-scarred ground, you can use your action to gain 1d10 + your Constitution modifier temporary hit points that last for 8 hours. The ground within 30 feet of you becomes scarred for 1 week. You can use this feature again after you finish a short rest.
Aberration. Your type is Aberration.
Languages. Common, Eldrazian

Ulamog Spawn Traits[edit]
If you are a spawn of Ulamog, you will have two arms that split at the elbow into four forearms, along with multiple tendrils in place of legs. Your skin has hard, white, bone-like protrusions on it.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength is increased by 2, and your Constitution is increased by 1. Your Charisma is decreased by 2.
Enhanced Grapple. As a bonus action you can make an attack with the grapple special melee attack option. You add your proficiency bonus to grapple checks.
Bone Skin. While you are not wearing armor, your AC is 12 + your constitution modifier, this will change as you grow.
Kozilek Spawn Traits[edit]
If you are a spawn of Kozilek, you have eyes along your entire body, along with a floating polyhedron.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution is increased by 1, and your Intelligence is increased by 2. Your Charisma is decreased by 2.
Multiple Eyes. You have advantage on Perception checks that rely on sight, and disadvantage on saving throws made to avoid being blinded. You can see in all directions and see into the ethereal plane.
Reality distortion. As a reaction to taking damage you may roll a d6, on a 6 prevent half of the damage, this will change as you grow.
Emrakul Spawn Traits[edit]
If you are a spawn of Emrakul, you will have a many suckerless tentacles, lattice structured flesh with uneasy bilateral symmetry, and hover slightly.
Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity is increased by 2, and your Constitution is increased by 1. Your Charisma is decreased by 2.
Tentacle Wrap. You have many retractable opposable tentacles, You can make unarmed strikes against and grapple a creature up to 15 feet away.
Hover. Your walking speed is 0 feet. You have a flying speed of 25 feet, but cannot fly higher than 10 feet. If you fall from a height greater than this, you stop falling 10 feet above the ground without harm. Your flying speed increases by 15 feet so long as you can use your tentacle wrap feature and there are fixed objects to grapple within range, this will change as you grow.
Height and Weight[edit]

Table: Eldrazi Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier per level Base Weight Weight Modifier every 3 levels
4′ 6″ +1d20″ 45 lb. × (1d4-1) lb.
Eldrazi growth[edit]

As an eldrazi you never stop growing and your unnatural abilities grow to match. When you reach level 10 your size is now large, and when you reach level 20 your size is now huge.
Ulamaog brood traits[edit]
At level 10 your unamored defense increases to 15 + your constitution modifier, at level 15 it increases again to 17 + your constitution modifier, and again at level 20 to 20 + your constitution modifier. At level 15 you gain the ability to drain the life from a creature you have grappled, you may spend your action to deal 3d10 necrotic damage to a creature you have grappled, you regain hit points equal to half of the damage dealt this way, if a creature reduced to 0 hit points in this way dies and turns into a white chalky substance that barely holds it’s original shape.
Kozilek brood traits[edit]
At level 5 you gain the “Vampiric Touch” cantrip. At lvl 10 you can cast “dispel magic” once per day and “detect magic” 3 times per day. At lvl 15 you can cast “detect magic” at will, “dispel magic” 3 times per day, and “counterspell” once per day. At lvl 20 you may cast “dispel magic” at will, you may cast “counterspell” 3 times per day and the slot level increases to 6th level, and you may cast “feeblemind” once per day.
Emrakul brood traits[edit]
At lvl 10 your tentacles grow to 20 feet and you may hover 15 feet off the ground instead of 10 feet. At lvl 15 your tentacles grow to 25 feet and you may hover 25 feet off the ground. At lvl 20 your tentacles grow to 30 feet and you no longer need to remain close to the ground.
Titan Prestige[edit]

Once an Eldrazi Spawn reaches level 20, they have the ability to ascend to a titan. There has only been three known titans in existence, and their power is immense.
At level 20, you gain the following:
Extra-planar Devoid – An increased experience in ravaging the land prevents extra harm. Instead of regaining 1d4 from the damage types before, you can now regain 2d8. This only applies to damage types other than slashing, piercing and bludgeoning.
Unnatural Abomination – Due to your grotesque, war scarred figure, you have advantage on Intimidation checks against non aberrations of Large size or smaller that are not Eldrazi.
Life Drain – You drain the energy out of the land. You gain 4d10 + Constitution Modifier temporary hit points that are permanent, and the landscape is now forever scarred, preventing you from using it again in this area. You may only use this once until you have a long rest. On top of that, you gain hit points up to your Constitution modifier every time you deal damage to a creature.
Spawn Creation – Whenever you take a long rest, you can create a small hive. Once you are done with your rest, three Eldrazi spawn emerge and follow you. They have 5 hit points, all their abilities scores are 10, have an AC of 8, and they deal 1d4 slashing damage with their claws.
“Planar Travel – Once every 2 long rests you can shift your essence into the void between the planes and travel to another plane of your choosing. You cannot take anything but yourself and anything you are carrying. After going into another plane you get two levels of exhaustion.



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