Sememmon Noke


Medium Human male,15th-level wizard (Lawful Evil)
AC: 12 (Natural armor) + (bracers of defense), +5 with Gargoyle Cloak (AC 17)
Hit Points: 56
Speed: 30 ft.

STR 9 (0) DEX 15 (2) CON 9 (0) INT 18 (4) WIS 16 (3) CHA 14 (2)

Saving Throws 8 INT, 6 WIS
Skills Arcana +12, Nature +5, Religion +8, History +10, +10 Stealth
Damage Resistances fire, lightning, poison, bludgeoning, slashing, piercing, force
Damage Immunities acid, cold, magic missile
Condition Immunities charmed, exhaustion, frightened, poisoned
Senses passive Perception 18, blindsight 30 ft.
Languages Common, Dwarvish, Elvish, Halfling, Gnomish, Orcish, Primordial

Magic Resistance. Sememmon has advantage on saving throws against magical effects.
Magic Weapons. Sememmon’s attacks are magical.

Allies/Companions: Manshoon, Fzoul (only in emergencies as the two often conflicted in the past), Ashemmi, his current apprentice and lover, the Pereghost, the “Three” and the other forces of Darkhold.
Combat/Tactics: Sememmon is a patient, cunning foe. He’’s also an able commander of troops, though he often leaves that responsibility to the Pereghost, his right hand. Sememmon always equips himself well whenever he leaves Darkhold (which is often), and makes good use of his subordinates, troops, and magical items before using his own precious spells. He will start the battle by pretending to be Finethir Shinebright to trick the characters into attacking the real one.
Magical Items: Quarterstaff +1, dagger of venom +1, bracers of defense AC 2, brooch of shielding, helm of teleportation, gargoyle cloak, ioun stone (lavender and green ellipsoid) with 64 spell levels remaining, periapt of proof against poison, ring of regeneration, robe of blending, wand of lightning bolt with 7 charges, staff of true polymorph.
*Weapons of Proficiency:
Dagger, dart, staff.
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Ancient history (magic and mages), astrology, engineering, herbalism, modern languages, riding: land-based, spellcraft.
Equipment: As Lord of Darkhold, Sememmon has access to all common types of equipment and many rare or unusual items.

Spells (5/5/5/5/5/2/l):
1st— detect magic, magic missile, sleep, unseen servant, wall of fog;
2nd— alter self, detect invisibility, improved phantasmal force, stinking cloud, wizard lock;
3rd— dispel magic, fireball, protection from good, 10’ radius, protection from normal missiles, slow
4th— detect scrying, ice storm, improved invisibility, stoneskin, wizard eye;
5th— cloudkill, cone of cold dismissal, teleport, wall of stone;
6th— disintegrate, globe of invulnerability, move earth;
7th— howling horror*, limited wish.

Foes/Enemies: The Harpers and all those of valorous hearts who oppose the wicked machinations of the Black Network.
Appearance: Sememmon is a middle-aged man in excellent health. He has thick, black hair and he’s clean shaven. Within the walls of Darkhold, he wears multihued robes of cut and quality worthy of the fortress’s lord and master. When he’s traveling or expecting trouble, he dons his robe of blending, helm of teleportation, and gargoyle cloak and uses spells to alter his appearance. Personality: Sememmon is a mild, patient, observant, keenly intelligent man. While thoroughly evil and completely ruthless, he remains an understated man in almost all respects-he’s far from the raving egomaniac so many evil mages are. He’s loyal to the Zhentarim, his lover Ashemmi (whom he truly loves and who loves him in return), and to the other members of the Black Network’s Inner Circle-or, as loyal as one can be when all involved are wholly evil. Locales Frequented: Darkhold and its environs, Citadel of the Raven, and Zhentil Keep.

History: Sememmon began his career as an apprentice to Manshoon. One of many, Sememmon excelled by anticipating treachery, and mercilessly murdering those underlings and rivals who sought to challenge his power. Sememmon often performed missions for his master; many of these involved uncovering or defeating power-acquisition schemes of Fzoul Chembryl. (This resulted in Fzoul’s deep and abiding hatred of Sememmon.) Seeing his potential, Manshoon selected Sememmon to a seat on Inner Ring when the previous member died. (While the circumstances surrounding that death are unknown, the possibility certainly exists that Sememmon, Manshoon, or both arranged for the vacancy.) Fzoul, resenting the presence of one of Manshoon’s former pupils in the Inner Circle, proposed Sememmon take command of Darkhold, a position worthy of Sememmon’s power, but one that was comfortably far from Fzoul and the hub of Zhentarim politics at Zhentil Keep (and later at the Citadel of the Raven). Sememmon accepted the appointment and has excelled in his duties Motivations/Goals: Sememmon strives to remain neutral in the politics of the Zhentarim, for he believes that Manshoon and Fzoul will eventually turn on each other. At that point, he’ll either decide to help the winner of the conflict or step into the leadership role of the Black Network himself if the other two Inner Circle members destroy or cripple one another. This carefully planned neutrality inadvertently does much to stabilize the innermost workings of the Zhentarim. Beyond this, Sememmon is constantly strengthening Darkhold’s defenses; due to his efforts, the place is practically impregnable now. Campaign Uses: For campaigns set farther west than the Dalelands, Sememmon and Darkhold provide an opportunity for DMs to include the machinations of the Zhentarim as obstacles for their PCs to confront. Sememmon is patient above all; his plans commonly take months or years to reach fruition. The PCs will never cause Sememmon to make any rash mistakes.


Gargoyle Cloak
This dusty gray cloak confers +2 bonus on all saving throws vs. petrification to the wearer. The gargoyle cloak also can be called on once per day by the wearer’s silent mental command to enact its major power, which is to turn the wearer into a gargoyle. The wearer can remain a gargoyle, as described below, to a limit of one turn, or may return to normal at any time before the turn is up. Once ended, the power cannot be reactivated for 24 hours (144 turns). A gargoyle cloak must be worn to be activated. When its major power is used, the cloak transforms itself in one round into a gargoyle shape around the wearer. During that round, the wearer can do nothing but move. Application of a dispel magic during this period prevents the cloak from transforming for one turn, though activation of its major power can be attempted again later; a 24-hour wait is not necessary. The cloak expands to cover the wearer’s body and clothing with a stony overskin, wings, and a tail,
Changing the cloak back from gargoyle form into a garment requires one round. During that round, the wearer can only move about and, if a spellcaster, cast spells requiring only verbal components. Sememmon, the commander of Darkhold, often wears his gargoyle cloak when going into known combat situations.
The wearer retains the ability of normal speech, Dexterity, skills, and presence of mind. A spellcaster still able to reach necessary material components can cast spells normally. In gargoyle form, the wearer becomes AC 5, has a MV of 9, Fl 15 ©, a THAC0 of 15, and four attacks per round (two claws at 1d3 points of damage each, a bite that inflicts 1d6 points of damage, and a horn slash-and-gore that deals 1d4 points of damage). The wearer gains 90-foot-range infravision and can be hit only by a +1 or better magical weapon. A gargoyle cloak-wearer aloft or swooping down to attack can only attack with its horn or both claws. To use all four attacks, the cloakwearer must be on the ground.
until the wearer resembles a gargoyle. Worn or carried magical items are unaffected, but only objects carried in the hands or worn on the fingers and around the throat can be accessed while in gargoyle form.

Dagger of Venom
This black +1 dagger has a serrated edge. It allows the wielder to use a poison effect (as the spell, save DC 14) upon a creature struck by the blade once per day. The wielder can decide to use the power after he has struck. Doing so is a free action, but the poison effect must be invoked in the same round that the dagger strikes.

Bracers of Defense
Requires Attunement
While wearing these bracers, you gain a +2 bonus to AC if you are wearing no armor and using no Shield.

Brooch of Shielding
Requires Attunement
While wearing this brooch, you have Resistance to force damage, and you have immunity to damage from the Magic Missile spell.

Ioun Stone (Lavender and Green, Ellipsoid)
Absorbs spells of 2nd level or lower.

Periapt of Proof against Poison
This item is a brilliant-cut black gem on a delicate silver chain. The wearer is immune to poison, although poisons still active when the periapt is first donned still run their course.

This white gold ring continually allows a living wearer to heal 1 point of damage per level every day. (This ability cannot be aided by the Medicine skill.) Nonlethal damage heals at a rate of 1 point of damage per level every 5 minutes. If the wearer loses a limb, an organ, or any other body part while wearing this ring, the ring regenerates it as the spell. In either case, only damage taken while wearing the ring is regenerated.

Robe of Blending
When this robe is put on, the wearer intuitively knows that the garment has very special properties. A robe of blending enables its wearer to appear to be part of his surroundings. This allows him a +10 competence bonus on Stealth checks. The wearer can adopt the appearance of another creature, as with the disguise self spell, at will. All creatures acquainted with and friendly to the wearer see him normally.

Wand of Lightning Bolt
Wand, rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster)
This wand has 7 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 or more of its charges to cast the lightning bolt spell (save DC 15) from it. For 1 charge, you cast the 3rd-level version of the spell. You can increase the spell slot level by one for each additional charge you expend.
The wand regains 1d6 + 1 expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the wand’s last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the wand crumbles into ashes and is destroyed.


Sememmon Noke

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