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The Ogre
Thorge, and the Castle of Goblins!


While the other half of the party goes in search of the bands of hobgoblins in the forest, Dante, seeking revenge for his defeat at the hands of Thorge, goes to fight at the ogre’s castle with his allies Vain and King. As the trio approaches the ruined castle, they are fired at from arrow slits as they reach the front doors. They bolt inside the double doors, which have already been busted in from some unknown source many years ago.
As they do, they have announced their presence to the nearest rooms. Four hobgoblins and four goblins burst out from room on either sides of the hall and close in on the group. As both of his allies hit the ground, King leaps into the air and unleashes his thunderous wave spell, defeating several goblins in an instant and pushing their other foes back. A virtual slaughter ensues, and the party dispatches the creatures with ease.
They move on, making their way down a dark hallway and turning into a room with hanging curtains and a brazier at the end. Halfway down this room, a grick drops down from the ceiling, and Dante and King take it out in one fell swoop. They reach the door at the opposite end, and decimate three goblins inside, taking the valuables at the crude religious altar the goblins had been praying at.
Meanwhile, while tracking the hobgoblins back to their hideout, Kushula, Aunnie and Baaza find themselves at Thorge’s castle as well, stumbling across the carnage left by their comrades. They venture forward, dodging a trap set by the goblins, and just miss their allies, making their way into the castle storage room. They move on, and look around the castle halls and rooms.
Nearby, Dante, Vain and King enter the castle kitchens, and frighten a group of goblins, before killing them all. As they dispatch the last goblin, the other group of adventurers find them, and together they go looking for Thorge. They stop and listen, and overhear Thorge talking to a girl, whose voice is silky and smooth. King and Aunnie enter the room and attempt to seduce him, luring him to his bed. It works, and the others burst in, and engage in battle with Thorge and his Dire Wolf. hey pin Thorge to his bed with Vain’s pike, and the others attack. The girl, while the fight ensues, talks to King. King and the others learn the nature of the girl’s master, and King lures her out of the room. While she begins to perform a portal spell, he kills her.
In the room with Thorge, Aunnie hits the ogre with her flail, sending the giant through the wall. He tumbles outside, and the roof begins to crumble. Vain throws himself onto the nearby prone dwarf that had been held captive and tortured by the ogre, and debris fall on them. The dwarf is saved, and Vain struggles to keep the weight from crushing them.
Everyone else escapes, and follows the fight outdoors. Thorge swings his club at the adventurers, but to no avail. They defeat Thorge with a final blow from King.
Afterward, they coax the Dire Wolf to stand down, and convince it to follow them by intimidating the dog. They loot the castle, and find a mysterious note from the changeling’s master addressed to Thorge.
They leave with their rewards, and return to Thundertree to give news of the ogre’s demise.

Take Up Arms!
The Hobgoblin Troop, and the Search for Arms


In an effort to prepare the town for the orcs, the Adventurers hear about a band of hobgoblins roaming the woods. Most recently, they attacked an elvin hunting party. Baaza, Kushula and Aunnie go out in search of the hobgoblins. Within ten minutes, they hear the approach of a band of three of them.
They hide in the bushes, and when their targets near closer, they attack. Each of them takes out a hobgoblin, and they loot the bodies, taking all valuables. They stash the weapons, and go in search of the other hobgoblins.
An hour or so later, they nearly stumble upon the second band, which is resting near a clearing in the forest. They sneak up on the three hobgoblins, and realize that among them is the leader, as well as a pet wolf. WIth one shot, they manage to take out the wolf, and while Aunnie and Kushula take on the minion hobgoblins, Baaza takes on the leader. The normal ones are picked off easily, and together, they kill the remaining one. They stash these weapons with the loot from the other group, and continue onward in search of the hobgoblin hideout…

A Murder Spree in Thundertree
The Bar and the Drow


Upon their arrival to Thundertree, the adventurers are approached by a frantic Priestess Nebella. She informs them, and the guild, of the impending doom that will befall the town. She says her contacts have informed her that an orc army, numbering at least 400, are marching on Thundertree, decimating towns as they go. She estimates that they could arrive as soon as a week, maybe more.
Vain goes to the local inn in search of allies, and finds that by a stroke of luck, fifty adventurers have roomed up here on their way to another town. By a miracle, he convinces them to hear him out. He acts out his latest adventure for them, and they decide that if he can beat five of them in hand-to-hand combat, they will follow him into battle. Ten men stand up to challenge him, and he accepts. He dodges each blow, and takes five men out. And, as promised, the adventurers agree to fight, and cheer heartily for the young dragon knight.
As the party and the villagers try to find ways to prepare the town, the guardsman Fredrick comes to a few members with a desperate plea. He informs them that a string of murders has stricken the town, and the suspected killer is in custody. Fredrick, however, is not convinced they have the right man.
The man behind bars is a former guard captain, and would play a key role in leading the village against the orcs. He asks them to find the real murderer. They agree, and choose to spend the night at the Red Flagon Inn. A nasty storm begins to brew, and they soon find the town in almost hurricane-like weather. As they sit around the Inn, the bartender throws several riddles at Baaza and King, for a small reward to whomever may solve them. They solve three out of four, and take their gold. Elsewhere in the bar, Aunnie scolds a trickster who is scamming a man out of his money during a game of cards, and starts to play against him.
The bar windows burst open, letting the storm inside. As they do, King and Vain see a figure standing outside, looking in. They jump out to chase the figure, who climbs up onto the roof of the Inn.
Meanwhile, while playing cards, blood drips onto Aunnie’s cards from the ceiling. Kushula goes to check it out, and when she opens the door to one of the rooms, she finds a grisly scene. There are bodies hanging from the rafters, and one woman has been stabbed multiple times on her bed. There is a symbol on her chest, and when Kushula approaches, he is sent into a dizzying memory of the murder as it happened.
On the rooftop, King and Vain spot someone retreating down an alleyway. They jump down to give chase, and follow the figure to the other side of town, into the elvin quarter. They corner him, and his friends come out from the darkness, ready to defend him. They are blown away by King’s thunderous wave, and then questioned. The boy is just a petty thief, and agrees to help find the killer. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Party gains Elvin Thief as an ally.
They make their way back toward the Inn.
At the Red Flagon, Kushula relays everything he has seen, and the group starts to question the bartender and his workers, gathering clues. They suspect one of the girls, and that same girl tells them to meet her at the barn on her father Bann Teagon’s farm. Reluctantly, they agree, and leave for the farm twenty minutes after she does. On the way, they meet up with King and Vain, and they exchange information. King goes with, and Vain goes to the Inn, where Baaza is. When they arrive, they find that the girl they were to meet had been slain, hung from the rafters, and flayed.
They hear the murderer flee toward town, and follow. Eventually they catch up, and a fight ensues, the sounds muffled by the raging storm. The battle is fierce, and they discover that one of the men they had not suspected, Tom, is actually a drow female named Chessnilee. She uses her memory scribe dagger and her ice magic against the group, but King combats her magic with his breath attack, and the two elements clash, sending both parties away. At the conflicts end, Baaza and Vain find the party, and just then, Dante delivers the final blow, knocking Chessnilee unconscious.
They take her possessions, and hand her over to Fredrick. The legal matters are resolved, and the guard captain is freed.

The Mines and the Spiders


The group, having collected their reward from the goblins, decide to take the mayor up on his offer to clear out the old mines that once served as the town’s main revenue. The group travels to the mines and split up into two teams. As the first team, consisting of King, Dante and Vain venture ahead, the second team, Baaza, Aunnie and Kushula, turn right, and find themselves pitted against three spiders. They defeat the arachnids with ease, and search the room, finding poisons from the spiders themselves
Meanwhile, Vain splits off from his two teammates, and is struck paralyzed and poisoned by a small spider. He is wrapped in webbing, and then suspended on the ceiling of the spider feeding chambers. Elsewhere, King spots a bridge ahead, and with his torch, sets the structure aflame. The flames spread to the webbed walls and ceiling, and, unknowingly, this sets the feeding chamber ablaze as well.
King and Dante continue, not aware that they are leaving their friend behind. They come across an egg chamber, and King uses his lighting breath to decimate them all at once.
In the beginning of the mines, Aunnie, Kushula and Baaza exit the room and see that the walls and ceiling are on fire. Knowing that the Priestess Nebella’s brother may be found in one of the rooms that may or may not be ablaze, they rush to the nearest room, killing all spiders that did not flee when the room began to catch fire. They cut down all sacs from the ceiling, revealing Vain, as well as a mother and her two sons. They heal the wounded, and escort the three civilians out.
Dante and King defeat two spiders that had been guarding the eggs, and the third escapes to the queen’s lair. They follow, and find themselves against the biggest spider yet: a gargantuan queen. They fight it, and Dante succeeds in killing the messenger spider. King accidentally lights two walls on fire with his torches, and the flames start to spread, lighting up the room a bit. As they fight it, the others rejoin them, and the six adventurers fight the beast for several minutes. During this, King is nearly swallowed whole, and takes advantage of it to set a rope aflame and throw it down the spider’s gullet. The group takes the spider down with a series of cunning strikes, severing slashes and a whole lot of fire…inside and out. With victory at hand, Aunnie delivers the final blow, slicing the stomach open and spilling guts onto the ground.
They find fangs, poison and find that the room is full of equipment belonging to the Blue Lionshield Guild.
The return the supplies and the civilians to Thundertree, and collect their reward for the quest.
The party gains 1 renown with the mayor.

Flashback, Part 2
The Cult of Tiamat, and the Dragon Knights


In the town of Strife, before his journey to Underforge, Mogrel Town or Thundertree, Dante finds himself tracking down a cult bent on bringing the evil dragon goddess Tiamat into their plain.
As he reaches the town and starts asking around, he is approached by a human named Vain, a man secretly in the cult, attempting to destroy it from the inside. The two team up, and begin their search for the cultists.
Vain joins the party.
They search for clues all about the town, asking shop owners, Lorekeepers, bartenders and urchins what they know. As they start to piece together clues, they are ambushed in the streets of the slums by red-hooded cultists. An old lady is caught in the crossfire, and is captured as a hostage. Vain manages to shoot the knife from her captor’s hand, and grabs the old lady, ushering her into the sweets shop, to safety. As Dante slays a man outside, Vain attempts to jump through the sweets shop window and slam into two men. He cracks the window on his first try, and shatters it on his second, slamming into one man with his shield and simultaneously slicing the throat of another. Just then, Dante slays another man after losing grip on his battleaxe, and two guardsmen—fellow servants of Bahamut, and in turn, allies to Vain—hear the noises, and come running to help. Dante slays two more men, and a guard kills the last of the six attackers.
They make their way to the Town Hall, and talk to the Lorekeeper. They manage to uncover a plot to ambush the two characters and decide to foil it. They sneak into the dark room brimming with their attackers and assassinate two of them. Before they can kill any others, the door bursts open and in walks King, a vampire-born dragon knight.
Vain rushes over to warn him that he is no threat, but, unknowing of Dante’s presence, King unleashes a torrent of lighting, which ignites the barrels of ale lining the corridor. Dante and the ambushers are caught up in the mayhem, and Dante is knocked unconscious. When the chaos dies down, Vain rushes over and stabilizes his new-found friend, and brings him back into consciousness. Dante rants at his attacker, but as the over-arching threat looms, they all turn their attention to the town mayor, the only unharmed cultist. Using Thaumaturgy, Dante turns the torches lighting the room into a sapphire blue, and changes his eyes to bright red. The three of them greatly intimidate the town mayor, and they saunter down the corridor.
King wraps his fingers around the man’s throat, and they start to question him. As they do, King starts to torture him, first by squeezing harder, and then by draining the man of his blood. The man says something that infuriates Vain,and the human turns and sets four of the six remaining men aflame with his fire breath. Vain and Dante cross sword with ax, and run at one of the last men. With a mighty swing, it severs the head of the man, and Vain stabs the last man in the chest. Now, the mayor is the last one standing. Dante severs his right leg at the knee, but soon after, the man breaks free, reaching for his claymore sword. He swings, and King parries a blow that might have gravely injured Dante. He drives his rapier into the man’s throat, nearly killing him.
Vain stabs his sword into the man’s left hand, and Dante stabs his right, crucifying him to the wall. King grabs his rapier, and rips it down his chest, spilling his innards. To add insult to injury, Vain severs his head, and when the man has been stripped of his valuables, Dante used his tinderbox to set the man aflame.
The cult was decimated, and the town saved.
Dante, Vain and King earn the favor of Strife.
Later, the trio discuss their plans. Dante is a wandering monster hunter, and the two dragon knights find a mutual dislike for Tiamat and her evil. Reluctantly, they decide to travel as a group, and decide should they ever get separated, they should meet in the town called Thundertree.
Vain joins the party.
King Joins the party.
During an unnamed event that separates them, they are split: Dante alone, and the two dragon knights traveling together, much to King’s dismay. Dante heads toward Thundertree, and on his way, enters a town called Underforge.
Vain leaves the party.
King leaves the party.

Thieving Rascals
The Goblin Camp, and the Wraith Request


As Aunnie, Dante, Kushula, Legion, Baaza and the Guardsman make their way back to Thundertree, the guardsman thanks them for their service to the town.
Guardsman leaves the party.
The party gains 1 renown with the mayor.
Later, Legion decides that it would be best if he did not linger in town for long. He heads off to train for the upcoming events.
Legion leaves the party.
Baaza, Aunnie, Dante and Kushula search for work in town, and come across news from the guardsman that there is a group of bold goblins attacking livestock and stealing the cattle. They make their way to Bann Teagan’s farm, the most recent place of the attacks, and gather information, also catching wind of a spellbook the farmer requests. They track down the goblins in the forest nearby, and hide in the brush. They decide to scare the goblins, and with help from Dante’s Thaumaturgy, they intimidate all of the goblins in the area to gather in a line. They tie up the goblins, and the leader offers to help them kill Thorge.
They decline, and kill all of the goblins, and raid the campsite.
They collect their reward from the guardsman.

Flashback, Part 1
The Town Devil, and the Trip to Mogrel Town


In the quaint, snowy town of Underforge, trouble has been brewing. Men have been disappearing, and villagers have started to point fingers at the tiefling wanderer, Dante, who has just come to town. The town guardsman commander, Legion, investigates, and offers to help Dante clear his name and asks for his help in finding the monster terrorizing the town.
The two research at the library, cross-referencing their knowledge, and after checking for info around town, they venture into the forest.
In the forest, camouflaged and stealthily sneaking along, they avoid a passing yeti, and soon find themselves following a trail of footprints trudging through the snow, further west. They come across a clearing, where they find a summoning circle. Legion and Dante decide that it must be a succubus, and Legion suspects the librarian.
Just then, something attempts to get into Legion’s head telepathically, and he dispels it with prayers of his goddess. They go back to the village, and notice something going on in town. They see a black shape escape into the forest, and Legion nicks it with an arrow.
They find nothing, and a few days pass.
The librarian approaches the two men days later, and invites them to breakfast. She introduces herself as Eludecia. They accept, and as they sit down with her, talking for a few hours, they realize that she knows they suspect her, and asks what they wished to do. They decide to trick the village into thinking that they vanquished her, and come up with a plan to fake a fight in the forest.
When they are ready, they venture into the forest, and Dante uses thamaturgy to simulate the sounds of battle. They create the illusion of the succubus’s head to bring back as proof, and are seen as folk heroes. The succubus leaves, and vows to not attack this country again.
Legion and Dante gain the favor of the succubus and Undeforge.
They notice that the priest is gone, however, and was said to have left for Phandalin, where dark trouble is brewing. Determined to get answers, assuming that it was he who summoned the succubus, and set off after Legion retires his position as commander.

On their way to the closest town to the south, the duo are attacked by a pack of six wolves. Without much effort, the two slaughter the wolves with teamwork and brute strength, overpowering the wolves and using their own attacks against them. Afterward, they continue south and arrive at Mogrel Town. Legion, eager to return to his hometown of Thundertree, leaves, and Dante stays back to do some work to earn money, promising to meet Legion in Thundertree.
Legion leaves the party.
During his stay at Mogrel Town, he meets Aunnie and Kushula, who are out on their own adventure. They agree to travel together to Thundertree, as there is safety in numbers, and set off toward Thundertree down Thundertree trail.
Aunnie and Kushula join the party.

The First of Many
The Merchant, the Orcs, and the Owlbear

After searching around Thundertree, the adventurers find themselves before Legion, a ranger in the Blue Lionshield Guild. Legion is an acquaintance of Dante’s, and, like Dante, seeks Phandalin.
Legion joins the party.
After drinking at the local inn, the characters are approached by a merchant seeking passage on triboar trail. He offers them a reward to serve as bodyguards. Afterwards, they are approached by a second merchant. He offers a reward for the murder of his competitor, and the characters decline.
Later, the adventurers talk to a guard who seems troubled. He offers a reward to them to eliminate the orcs at Wyvern’s Tor, which so happens to be along the triboar trail. They accept, and convince the guard to join them.
Guardsman joins the party.
Knowing they will be undertaking a difficult quest, the characters go to the Blue Lionshield Guild and recruit an untrained Hireling.
Hireling joins the party.
After buying armor and bows for their two new companions, the group sets off with the merchant and his wagon down triboar trail.
Merchant joins the party.
As they travel along, Legion and Aunnie spot two dead horses in the road with black arrows sticking out of their bodies, as well as blood trails leading into the forest on their left. They scout ahead, and spot only the movement of scared birds. They retreat to the plains half a mile out, and travel until nightfall. As the party sets up camp, half of the members sleep. While on watch, Legion spots an owlbear charging their wagon. He coats his new black arrow in explosive liquid, and the arrow hits its mark, setting the beast aflame. It attacks the hireling, and Aunnie yanks the young man up and into the wagon, to safety. As i attacks Kushula, the merchant throws a torch in between them, scaring the beast off momentarily. As they rest of the party fails to pierce the tough hide, Legion leaps onto the beast’s back and stabs it repeatedly. The party attacks until the beast is nearly dead, and once injured, it attempts to flee. Legion aims a flaming arrow and hits the owlbear, killing it.
As they start to breathe easier, four orcs emerge from the darkness, and the party slaughters them with ease.
A few minutes later, Aunnie and Kushula spot a light in the distance, on triboar trail. It appears to be a single being. The light is extinguished, and the being, Baaza, hides in the tall grass off to the right of the trail. A few seconds later, two orcs emerge from the forest,
An instant later, they hear a loud whistling sound. Above, 40-50 flaming arrows approach in a swarm, heading toward the group. Aunnie uses her druid craft, and blows out the flames on the arrows. The group hides behind the wagon to avoid the now-normal arrows. After the bombardment, ten more orcs emerge, joining the first two in a charge toward the wagon.
The group prepares an ambush, taking a barrel of ale and setting it behind a small flame to draw in the orcs. Meanwhile, the wagon escapes with the merchant and hireling. As the orcs approach, Dante grows the flame, exploding the barrel and setting the orcs and the surrounding area aflame. In the chaos, the adventurers escape to the merchant market.
Once there, they meet with their merchant, gain their reward, and dismiss the hireling.
Merchant leaves the party.
Hireling leaves the party.
Aunnie takes her weapon to be modified at a blacksmith, and the adventurers must wait three days for its completion. During this, they meet Baaza, and convince him to travel with them.
Baaza joins the party.
The characters spar, gaining battle experience. When Aunnie gets her weapon back, the blacksmith offers a reward for his brother’s whereabouts. Aunnie accepts, and the party leaves for Thundertree.
On their way, they pick up and follow the orc trail, which leads them to the base of the orcs. They kill the scout, and team up to kill a second scout. Aunnie uses her rabbit form to scout the cave base, and Baaza uses Kushula’s owlbear heart and her medicinal kit to create a sleeping bomb. Aunnie, in her beast form, deposits the bomb successfully, and the cave inhabitants are fast asleep. The group slaughters the inhabitants, not waking a soul (with the exception of the last orc). They loot the cave, and realize that only half of the orcs they had burned are present.
Which begs the question: where are the other six?

The Adventure Begins!
Thundertree Trail, and The Goblin Trap


The three Adventurers, Dante, Kushula and Aunnie make their way down a well-worn path leading out of the wooded area they had hiked through. As they do, with Kushula in the lead, they are surrounded on both sides by tall grass and hills. Two goblins emerge from the grass side-by -side, and attack Kushula. As the trio fight the goblins, Aunnie notices that there is movement nearby, and deduces that more enemies lie in wait. Dante kills one goblin, and two more emerge from the grass. Dante breaks from the first two to fight one of the newer arrivals, and as Aunnie attacks a goblin, she loses her grip on her quarterstaff, and it is flung several yards away. She also takes a strong hit from a Goblin, and her body weakens dramatically. As the imposing threat of more goblins arises with the death of a second Goblin by Kushula’s hand, Aunnie convinces the party to run for the nearby village. The group makes their way to the hills ahead, dodging arrows, when Aunnie recalls her quarterstaff. As she doubles back to retrieve it, weaving in and out of goblins, her two allies fight off the horde. Dante successfully startles the pack with his Thamaturgy, rumbling the ground at their feet at will, With the path cleared, Aunnie is successful, and now leads the group on their way to the village. Dante slays a goblin, and as their numbers seem to thin, Aunnie catches the scent of a larger threat.

As the hills disappear, an Ogre emerges from the left side, attacking Aunnie with its greatclub. Aunnie takes a hit, but steels herself, and the damage does not hinder her. Her counterattack is strong, and she delivers a mighty blow to the giant. The growing horde of goblins attack with shortbows from a distance, but their arrows do nothing but distract from the real problem. The ogre attacks again, this time aiming for Kushula. The club strikes the drake solidly, and the blow renders the adventurer unconscious. Aunnie attacks the ogre again, and her attacks have some ground, staggering the ogre. The beast counters, however, and his next hit knocks the elf girl out cold. Dante’s attacks are ineffective, and he is the last of the three to fall.
With this, the trio have injured, but not defeated, the ogre. When they begin to wake, they are being carted into Thundertree by a stranger in armor holding a shield with the emblem of a blue lion.


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