The Final Years of the Spellplague and the Sundering

1450 DR Year of Holy Thunder
Vasen Cale, son of Erevis Cale is born. His mother Varra dies during childbirth.

1451 DR Year of Knowledge Unearthed
1452 DR Year of the Impatient Son
1453 DR Year of the Strangled Jester
1454 DR Year of the Emerald Sun
1455 DR Year of the King’s Repentance
1456 DR Year of the Mithral Hammer
1457 DR Year of the Lightning Strikes
1458 DR Year of the Plotting Priests
1459 DR Year of the Forged Sigil
1460 DR Year of the Malachite Shadows
1461 DR Year of the Three Goddesses Blessing
1462 DR Year of the Elves’ Weeping
1463 DR Year of the Reborn Hero
The Companions of the Hall are reborn.

1464 DR Year of the Six-armed Elf
Samark Dhanzscul becomes Blackstaff, taking over from his mentor Ashemmon of Rymanthiin.

1465 DR Year of the Elven Swords Returned
1466 DR Year of the Mages in Amber
1467 DR Year of the Three Heroes United
1468 DR Year of the First Circle
1469 DR Year of the Splendors Burning
Arkanûl: Airspur discovers Faerun’s only known mine of the magical metal of arambarium (a metal that amplifies primordial magic) on the isle of Ithimir (Note: In 1479 the mine has been discovered for a decade)

1470 DR Year of the Second Circle
1471 DR Year of the Plagued Lords
1472 DR Year of the Third Circle
1473 DR Year of the Wave / Heretic’s Rampage
1474 DR Year of the Fourth Circle
Cormyr/Suzail: Szass Tam, greatly weakened by his bid for godhood during the Spellplague, tries to gain access to the magical items within the vaults below the cormyrean royal palace in Suzail from afar, but only manages to breach the outer ward.

1475 DR Year of the Final Stand
Cormyr/Suzail: After Szass Tam’s failed attempt the Shadovar try to breach the wards below the cormyrean royal palace, waking the guardian dragons and the ghost of Alusair. Although the shades are defeated, the song dragon Ammaratha Cyndusk perishes, Myrmeen Lhal is forced back into human form and Vangerdhast only survives by the intervention of Laspeera who forcebly merges him with a spiderlike Guardian monster.

1476 DR Year of the Fifth Circle
1477 DR Year of the Purloined Statue
1478 DR Year of the Dark Circle
Waterdeep: The Black Robes, a quorum of city judges in Waterdeep, welcomes the tiefling Kylynne Silmerhelve into their ranks.
Aglarond/Thay: The Brotherhood of the Griffon turns against its employers, the Simbarchs of Aglarond and leads the forces of Wizard’s Reach into a costly and seemingly failed invasion of Thay.

Murghôm: The vampiric dragon Brimstone requests audience with the dragon rulers of Murghôm, binding them into a magical game of xorvintaal (‘The Captive Flame’ begins)

Raven’s Bluff: The drow and their surface world agents infiltrate the corrupt power structure of Raven’s Bluff. They also secretly start to enslave and kill hundreds of people to further their excavations below Raven’s Bluff.

1479 DR Year of the Ageless One
Raven’s Bluff: While trying to repair the darkelven wild mythal below Ravens Bluff, the drow accidentally free Jack Ravenwild and Myrkyssa Jelan, the Warlord of the Vast from stasis within the mythals heartstone.
Marquise Dresimil Chumavh / Tower Chumavhraele Jezzryd & Jaeren Chumavh
Cailek Balathorp / Slaver Fetterfist

Mirtul The Red Dragon Tchazzar returns to Chessenta (‘The Captive Flame’ ends/ ‘Whisper of Venom’ begins)
20th Mirtul
Chessenta: Shala Karanok offers her office as war-hero to Tchazzar. The red dragon crowns himself war-hero of Chessenta, proclaims his own divinity to his people, ordering to built him a grand temple. He also lifts the laws against wizards.

???? Arkanûl: Airspur discovers the motherload of arambarium within their mine on Ithimir (Note: A few months before Marpenoth)

5th Kythorn
Chessenta: Tchazzar’s forces are victorious at Soolabax
Cormyr: Manshoon plans to conquer Cormyr via a conspiracy of unsatisfied nobles he influences, as Cormyr is on the brink of civil war. To further his goals he also secretly starts killing War Wizards.
Elminster having been ‘slain’ by Manshoon travels the Underdark below Cormyr as a sentient ashcloud. He discovers that the drow try to harvest silver fire by killing Chosen, among them Simrustar Aglamir. Her silver fire invigorates Elminster and both share the body of a she-drow as a vessel for their spirits.
Cormyr: The ‘Council of Dragons’ is canceled and Cormyr tethers on the brink of civil war.
Cormyr: Storm Silverhand travels through the Forest Kingdom, recruiting new Harpers. Meanwhile her sister, the Simbul uses bluefire artifacts to close planar rifts.
Cormyr: Castle Urlingstar, a prison for sentenced nobles, suffers a string of murders. Events turn catastrophic as the southern tower is destroyed. In the end the few surviving staff and noble inmates flee the castle, teleporting directly to the royal gardens in Suzail. Rumors speak of a black dragon attacking, mage duels involving the likes of Elminster and Manshoon, drow assassins, and even state-sanctioned killings of the troublesome noble inmates (who are the source of that particular rumor).
Cormyr: House Delcastle is attacked by nobles influenced by Manshoon, Delcastles’ Matriarch and retainers are killed in the fight, but most of the attacking nobles die as well.
Cormyr: The Simbul sacrifices herself to restore Elminster. Empowered by the collected magical energies and enraged over the losses he had to suffer, Elminster goes on a rampage, killing and punishing several deserving villains and ending Manshoon’s plan for conquering Cormyr. In the end he uses the power to restore the vestige of Mystra back to full divinity.
Storm, Elminster and Mirt the Moneylender start training the new Harpers.
As the Spellplague ends, the post-Weeping spells stop to function and the old ways of magic return. Spellscars start to lose their powers. (‘Summer started’, S:TC pg.260)

5th Flamerule Tchazzar and his allies destroy the body of the dracolich Alasklerbanbastos the Great Bone Wyrm of Threskal.
7th Flamerule Kassur Jedea, nominal monarch of Threskal surrenders to Tchazzar, who accepts him as a vassal king. The war between Threskal and Chessenta over, Tchazzar immediately declares war on the dragonborn of Tymanther, with Queen Arathane of Akanûl offering an alliance to Chessenta.
15th Flamerule Alasklerbanbastos is brought back to unlife by the Brotherhood of the Griffon for questioning .

Chessenta: Tchazzar is slain in battle with the Brotherhood of the Griffon and it’s dragon allies. Also the Bonewyrm’s Alasklerbanbastos body is destroyed again. Shala Karanok resumes control of Chessenta, reinforcing the laws against wizards again.
Murghôm: The vampire dragon Brimstone is forced to release the other draconic players from his spell. (‘The Spectral Blaze’ ends).

???? Arkanûl/High Imaskar: Carmenere, the niece of Queen Arathane, becomes diplomat in High Imaskar (Note: After Sword of the Gods)

10th Marpenoth Arkanûl: Airspur loses contact to it’s arambarium mine on the isle of Ithimir. The two squads of peacekeepers send to investigate do not return.
16th Marpenoth Arkanûl: In Airspur pictures are stolen from the gallery of House Norjara. In relation to this event the windsoul genasi thief Riltana and the deva Demascus are attacked by genasi vampires of House Norjara. (Spinner of Lies begins)
17th Marpenoth Airspur: Queen Arathane asks the deva Demascus to investigate what happened to the arambarium mine on Ithimir. The Queen fears that her four stewards might start a war. In a fight with Demascus, ‘Lord Pashra’, a watersoul genasi and merchant of vegetables, is revealed to be an oni mage, who is in league with the drow priestress Chenraya Xorlarrin.
18th Marpenoth Arkanûl/Airspur: Demascus and his companions discover that the drow repaired an old Chondathan gate which now leads to the Demonweb. They and a band of vampires of House Norjara separately enter the Demonweb to investigate.
19th Marpenoth Arkanûl/Airspur: During the flight from the Demonweb the vampiress Lady Essention of the Runecourt, unloved ally of Vampirelord Castrian of House Norjara, and the genasi vampires who accompanied her are destroyed.
20th Marpenoth
Waterdeep: Samark ‘Blackstaff’ Dhanzscul is murdered by Khondar ‘Ten Rings’ Naomal. Khondar’s son Centiv disguises as Samark to cover the murder.
Arkanûl: Queen Arathene herself and Demascus lead and expedition to the isle of Ithimir, where they fight drow within the arambarium mine.
21th Marpenoth Arkanûl: The drow on Ithimir use a gigantic spider-shaped balloon to carry away the arambarium motherload towards Airspur, where they plan to use it to open a new portal to Menzoberranzan. Queen Arathene leads an attack into the Demonweb. The motherload is transformed into a staff and the new portal opens. Demascus manages to shatter the arambarium staff and keep the larger headpiece, while the drow priestress Chenreya Xorlarrin is left with the smaller rest on the Menzoberran-side of the now closed portal.
22th Marpenoth Arkanûl (Spinner of Lies ends)

12th Nightal Waterdeep: Samark’s apprentice and heir Vajra Safahr assumes the mantle of the Blackstaff. Khondar Naomal is defeated and slain by the magics of Ahghairons Tower.

1480 DR Year of the Deep Water Drifting
Lolth starts to create the Demonweave. Drow mages rise in status.

Moonshae Isles/Sarifal: Queen Ordalf leShay discovers, that Lady Amaranth leShay, her younger half-sister and the rightful heiress to the throne of Karador, is still alive. Queen Ordalf plots to have her killed, but in the end Lady Amaranth forges an alliance with her nephew, Ordalf’s son Prince Araithe, Lord of Winterglen and the Citadel Umbra. Amaranth herself has the loyalty of several eldarin lords and the knights of Llewyrr, while Araithe’s forces consists of eladrin and even heretic drow, who want to redeem Lolth as Araushnee.
Moonshae Isles/ Moray: Malar the Beastlord returns to the Moonshaes. His Wild Hunt, consisting of lycanthropes and wild beasts destroy several villages of the Northlanders on Moray. The Wild Hunt under Malar’s personal leadership besieges the ruins of Caer Moray, where the surviving humans took refuge. The goddess Chauntea aids the refugees by summoning a tsunami, washing away the lycanthropes, but Moray as a whole falls to the Black Blood of Malar.
(Mirtul, ‘month of melting’)

1481 DR Year of the Grinning Halfling / Thoughtless Suitor
Aglarond/Delthuntle: ‘Grandfather’ (of Assassins) Pericolo Topolino discovers the ‘lichwreck’, the resting place of the lich Ebonsoul. His protege Spider dives for the treasures, accidently freeing the lich. The next night Grandfather Topolino is slain by Ebonsoul and Spider flees for his life.

1482 DR Year of the Narthex Murders
Baldurs Gate: Duke Abdel Adrian of Baldur’s Gate and son of Bhall is attacked by his last remaining sibling and as one slays the other, the god Bhall returns to the Realms in the body of the victor. One of the other three dukes of the city, Torlin Silvershield, becomes Chosen of Bhaal.

1483 DR Year of the Tasked Weasel
Baldurs Gate: Ulder Ravengard, Blaze of the Flaming Fist and right hand of former Duke Abdel Adrian, takes Duke Adrians place in the Council of Four.

1484 DR Year of the Awakened Sleepers
The Sembian armies of Netheril march against the Dalelands. Archingdale is attacked and conquered.

19th Ches The reborn Companions of the Hall are reunited with Drizzt on Kelvin’s Cairn on the night of the Spring Equinox. Clerics of Lolth sense the anger of their goddess.
20th Ches Menzoberranzan: On the Festival of the Founding, House Baenre and Fey-Branche forge an alliance. An avatar of Lolth appears to show her approval. The alliance is sealed by the secret marriage of archmage Gromph Baenre with Minolin Fey, now Fey-Baenre.

Luskan: Jarlaxle is ordered back to Menzoberranzan by Matron Mother Quenthel Baenre, leaving Bregan Daerths dealings in Luskan in the hands of Beniago Baenre aka. High Captain Kurth of Ship Kurth.

Port Llast is attacked by a force of drow lead by Tiago Baenre, some citizens are take to Gauntlegrym/Q’Xorrlarin’s mines as slaves. Only a few of the prisoners return later, having been freed by the Companions of the Hall.

Menzoberranzan: House Do’Urden is to be recreated on the orders of Lolth for the purpose of leading an army against the Silver Marches. House Xorlarrin leaves Menzoberranzan for it’s new-founded sister-city of Q’Xorlarrin.

Icewind Dale: The dwarves of Kelvin’s Cairn are attacked by a host of drow under the command of Tiago Baenre and Ravel Xorlarrin. Although the Xorlarrin weapons master Jearth falls in the first assault of the dwarves, Dain Stokely Silverstream and his warriors are defeated and many are taken to Q’Xorrlarin as slaves.

Luruar: The drow begin to darken the skies over the Silver Marches through the ritual of the Darkening, preparing the battlefield for their warriors. The drow plan to fight a proxy war, with the reborn House of Do’Urden leading forces of all drow noble houses and the orcs of Many-Arrows against the Silver Marches.
Dhalia, Drizzt’s former lover and companion is named Matron Mother of House Do’urden, 8th House of Menzoberranzan. To’sun Armgo and his daughter Doum’wielle join House Do’Urden, with Tiago Baenre taking the position of the weapons master.

Luruar: The drow trick giants to follow their banner by presenting them with three fake brothers of the giant’s god Thrym as leaders.

Faerûn/Luruar: The chromatic dragons begin to gather a hoard to reach the Nine Hells. The drow of Menzoberranzan buy the loyalty of the white dragon Arauthator ‘The Old White Death’ and his children by promises of plunder in their war.

Many-Arrows: The rather moderate royal line of Obould is eliminated due to drow intrigues. The bloodthirsty Warlord Hartusk becomes the new leader of the orcs and agrees to an alliance with the drow. Lorgru, son of the last Obould is sent into exile to the Spine of the World.

Luruar: The drow under the banner of House Do’Urden lead an army of orcs, giants and white dragons against the cities of Luruar through the Upper Surbrin Valley, pressing Moonwood first,
King Harnoth of Adbar, one of the newly crowned twin kings of Adbar, leads a dwarvish legion via the Underdark to aid besieged Felbarr and Mithril Hall.

Luruar: Silverymoon, Sundabar and Nesmé as well as the dwarfholds of Adbar, Felbarr and Mithril Hall are besieged by the orc horde.
Doum’wielle Do’Urden (Armgo), posing as an emissary of her mother Lady Sinnafein of Glimmerwood leads Twin King Bromm of Citadel Adbar, and his 200 dwarves into a trap. The king is slain by Tiago Baenre and his head is sent to Dark Arrow Keep.

6th of Eleint Luruar: Sundabar is conquered. King Firehelm is slain by Tiago Do’Urden (Baenre). Thousands of Sundabar’s citizens are slain or enslaved. But many Sundabarans fled into the city’s citadel and from there escaped into the Everfire Caverns. Sundabar is rebuilt as Hartusk Keep. The Horde plans to use Hartusk Keep to uphold the siege of Silverymoon over the winter month.

Damara: Jarlaxle tries to secure the aid of the dragon sisters Tazmikella and Ilnezhara against the white dragons who fight for the drow in Luruar.

Luruar: Nesmé is conquered by the Horde. The defenses of the riders of Nesmé are shattered by Tiago Do’Urden astride the white dragon Arauthator ‘The Old White Death’. Tiago and his wife Saribel Do’Urden (Xorlarrin) proclaim themselves as Duke and Duchess of Nesmé. The Horde takes 600 prisoners of which Tiago orders the hardier half to be enslaved, while the other half is left to the ‘mercies’ of his underlings.

Luruar: The reborn King Bruenor Battlehammer and his companions reach besieged Mithril Hall and there reveals himself to his people.

Sembia: Sembian villages suffer as in addition to the hardships of the ever gloomy, monster-infested sembian plainlands, ever more mercenaries are called upon by Sembia for it’s war.
Sembian forces block the road between Daerlun and Cormyr and are massed all along the borders of the Dalelands.
The Dales have already endured months of attacks by sembian forces.
The sanctuary ‘Abby of the Sword’ within the Valley of the Rose is destroyed by minions of Mephistopheles, although only the Oracle Elden Corrinthal alone is killed, as he sent the remaining brothers away to Arabel.
The god Mask returns into the Realms through his Chosen Riven. Shar’s Cycle of Night is broken and the Ordulin-Maelstrom is closed.
The Sakkors Enclave crashes into the ruins of Ordulin. The Netherese princes Brennus Tanthul and Rivalen Tanthul, Shar’s Nightseer, are killed by the falling city.
Although the shroud over Sembia remains, cracks begin to show in its gloom.
Netheril: The High Prince orders the capture of the Chosen.

Ireabor: The Land is struck by an earthquake.
Amn: Locusts afflicted Amn. “…tales began to spread of individuals […] so-called Chosen […]
at the root of the conflicts that grip the land…”

Baldurs Gate: A statue of Minsc ‘the Beloved Ranger’ and his miniature giant space hamster Boo, heroes from the time before the Spellplague, is transformed into the actual Minsk and Boo by a wild magic surge.

11th Uktar
‘Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf’ begins.

1485 DR Year of the Iron Dwarf’s Vengeance
‘Tyranny of Dragons’ begins

Swordcoast: One of the three red dragon siblings who rule the island of Tuern is slain by adventurers who look for the Red Dragon Mask. Enraged the two remaining siblings terrorize their subjects, the islands barbaric inhabitants, before turning on each other.
Mithril Hall: King Connerad Brawnanvil stepped down as king (possibly in favor of Bruenor) and become the dwarves ambassador within the ‘Lords Alliance’. The dwarves are struggling to retain ancient lands only recently reclaimed.
Waterdeep: Laeral Silverhand replaces Dagult Neverember as Open Lord of Waterdeep. Dagult, after losing Waterdeep, consolidates his power by concentrating his efforts as Lord-Protector of Neverwinter.
Many nobles and guildmasters of the city are vying for the attention of or conspire against the new Open Lord Laeral Silverhand, while trying to use the transition to get rid of rivals This political chaos, that many of the city’s residents consider ‘business as usual’, will still not be resolved in 1491 DR.
Well of Dragons: An army of unlikely allies, lead by heroes, thwart the machinations of the Cult of the Dragon and Red Wizards of Thay to free Tiamat from the Nine Hells and bring about an new age of dragons.
(Note: Tyranny of Dragons / The Rise of Tiamat Adventure ends.)

Anauroch: The Bedine rebel.

Beginning of Hammer
Around 17th of Hammer


Around 19th of Ches

Around 1st of Tarsakh

Battle of Hilltop
Around 15th of Mirtul
Citadel Felbar is freed
18th of Mirtul Battle of Silver Arrows


Dwarves take Dark Arrow Keep without a fight

1st of Flamerule
2nd of Flamerule Battle of Everlund
6th of Flamerule

The remaining hordes of Many-Arrows are defeated when returning home to dark Arrow Keep find it occupied by the dwarves and their allies. King Bruenor slays Warlord Hartusk.

Dark Arrow Keep is razed and it’s wooden logs send down the Subrin river to be burned in the forges of Mithril Hall. King Bruenor doesn’t reclaim the throne of Mithril Hall but instead asks his fellow dwarfkings to lend him fighters to free Gauntlegrym from the drow. (‘Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf’ ends, & ‘Archmage’ begins)

Silver Marches: Heroes from Luruar stop Lolth from creating the Demonweave.

1486 DR Year of the Nether Mountain Scrolls
Sea of Fallen Stars: The Great Rain begins.

26th Ches High Forest/Lost Peaks: Chosen prisoners of Netheril, aided by Harper agents, free themselves from their prison amid the Lost Peaks.

5th of Mirtul Fire in the Blood begins.




5th of Eleint: King Foril Obarskyr dies in his sleep.
Turmish: The Chosen of Lathander Stedd Whitehorn heals the mental deterioration of the Emerald Enclave’s elven leader Lady Cindermoon, now Shadowmoon, longtime Chosen of Silvanus. (S:TR pg.254). Due to the Great Rain the holy island of Ilighôn is reborn and Turmish’s capital Alaghôn becomes a port again.
The Turmish fleet battles a pirate armada under the command of Umberlee’s Chosen, the undead pirate Evendure. The pirates are beaten and Evendur is apparently killed by the turmish pirate captain Anton Marivaldi.
Sea of Fallen Stars: After months the ‘Great Rain’ comes to an end. The waters of the Sea of Fallen Stars have swollen so greatly, that it’s shores now resemble something akin to the shoreline from before the Spellplague again.

Faerûn: The Earthmotes begin to drop from the sky.


Cormyr: The shadow fiends of Wheloon escape their prison and march on Marsember.
Myth Drannor: The elven city is under siege by the forces of Netheril.

2nd Uktar Cormyr: The city of Marsember is sacked by the Shadovar. Grand Duke Farninger Seasilver wants to flee to Elversult but is slain by Prince Yder Tanthul of Netheril.

Vilhon Wilds/Reach: The river Arrabar is in slow flood as the Sea of Fallen Stars seeps back into the Vilhon Reach, only slowed by a line of earthmotes the goddess Chauntea had dropped across the valley, allowing her faithful time to bring in the harvest.

Underchasm: The god Helm returns to the Realms due to the faith of his Chosen Kleef Kenric. Prince Yder Tanthul is slain in battle against Helm’s Chosen Kleef Kenric. Lady Arietta Seasilver, Chosen of Siamorphe and her fellow Chosen convince the primodial Grumbar to remain in the Realms and block Shar’s attempt to bring the Shadowfell into the Realms via the Underchasm. Joelle Emmeline, chosen of Sune sacrifices herself to seal the pact with Grumbar. The Underchasm is filled with earth in the process. Lady Seasilver, now Grand Duchess of Marsember and Kleef Kenric return home to Marsember.

14th Uktar
Cormyr: King Irvil Obarskyr of Cormyr dies.

24th Uktar
Cormyr: Shadowwalkers from the Hall of Shadows reinforce the Shadowvar army besieging Suzail. Suzails walls are briefly breached by the shades. Although the shadow warriors kill many not one of them is able to open the gates before being slain.

Cormyr: War wizards close the portal within the Forgotten Keep, cutting of Netheril’s supplies in the region, breaking the siege of Arabel.

Festival of the Feast of the Moon
Cormyr: At dawn the Army of the Western Marches rides down from Arabel, crushing what remains of Netheril’s army at the walls of Suzail. Not a single soldier of the shadovar is spared. The siege of Suzail ends. It is expected that Marsember can now be quickly liberated between two cormyrean armies.

5th of Nightal
Crown prince Baerovus abdicts the throne in favor of his sister Raedra Obarskyr, who is to be officially crowned in a tenday.
(Fire in the Blood ends.)
15th Nightal
Cormyr: planned crowning of Queen Raedra Obarskyr
Gauntlgrym: The dwarven forces claim victory in Gauntlgrym. King Connerad Brawnanvil of Mithril Hall is posthumously crowned 1st king of Gauntlgrym. King Emerus Warcrown dies while being proclaimed the 2nd king of Gauntlgrym. Shortly after on the day Bruenor Battlehammer is crowned 3rd king of Gauntlgrym.
(‘Archmage’ ends)

1487 DR Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant
Spring and Summer
Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions abound (as Abeir begins to separate from Toril)
Stars fell reportedly from the sky, gods long thought dead walk the land and armies lead by Chosen clash everywhere.

Luskan: The Arcane Brotherhood is revived in Luskan.

Icewind Dale: The People of Icewind Dale are threatened by the machinations of the Arcane Brotherhood, the wight of Akar Kessel and Hedrune the Ice Witch, Chosen of Auril.

15th Eleint Icewind Dale: The dwarven community of Icewind Dale lead by Dain Stokely Silverstream is threatened to be torn apart due to the corrupting influence of the black ice, a legacy of the crystal shard.
25th Eleint The Legacy of the Crystal Shard Adventure begins.
28th Eleint Icewind Dale: Caer-Konig is raided by the pirate crew of the ‘Howling Fiend’
Highharvesttide: Icewind Dale: Stokely Silverstream and the dwarves loyal to him flee the dwarven valley.
1st Marpenoth Icewind Dale: Dwarven zombies emerge from the mines below Kelvin’s Cairn.
Ship Rethnor from Luskan establishes a protection racket in Caer-Konig and Caer-Dineval.
3rd Marpenoth Icewind Dale: The Pirates of the Howling Fiend attack Easthavn.
10th Marpenoth Icewind Dale: Dain Stokley Silverstream and King Jarund Elkhardt declare war on Hedrune the Ice Witch.

Early Marpenoth ‘The Herald’ Begins
The ground shaking begins to ebb down.
Nights grow longer.
The shores of Cormyr are still flooded because of the Great Rain.

Telamont Tanthul becomes Chosen of Shar. Chosen of other gods are to be destroyed by Netheril. Telamont is finally feeling his age, contemplates of becoming a shadow-lich. Hadrhune is dead. Telamont forbade the use of resurrection and mind-magic as dead shades and other dead spellcasters spirits trapped in the Weave are trying to take over spell-users they were close to in life.

9th Marpenoth
Elminster enters Candlekeep to secretly look for writings of Khelben Arunsun on the Weave.
Netheres agents start slaying the baelnorn of Myth Drannor and draining the ancient elven magics.
12th Marpenoth
Cormyr: Rumors that Myth Drannor and the Dales have fallen reach Suzail, but not everyone believes in them.
Shade Enclave: The city of Shade itself is moved against Myth Drannor.

The Battle for Candelkeep
Netherese sleeper-agents among the monks of Candlekeep are activated and attack the other monks, only to discover that among these are agents of the Moonstars and Red Wizards. Laeral and Alustriel of the Seven Sisters are revealed to be among those monks. Elminster tricks the Netherese by posing as High Prince Tanthul. Elminster is convinced by Larloch to help him use the energies of Candlekeeps wards to strengthen the Weave.
The wards of Candlekeep are destroyed, but their energies absorbed by Larloch. Larloch leaves for Myth Drannor with the betrayed Elminster, Laeral and Alustriel in pursuit.
After the fight Dove Falconhand appears to collect the surviving Moonstar agents of Candlekeep and leads them into battle in Myth Drannor.

13th Marpenoth
The Second Fall of Myth Drannor
Larloch attacks the baelnorns and magics of Myth Drannor.
High Prince Tanthul and his arcanist begin the ward-drain ritual devised by Prince Drathan Tanthul to drain the Mythal of Myth Drannor.
Terrible monsters appear within the lines of the netherese mercenaries.
Prince Vattick Tanthul of Netheril is killed by Dove Falconhand.
Dove Falconhand succumbs to her injuries after she called the baelnorns of Myth Drannors’ tombs to defend the city.
The Srinshee appears to defend Myth Drannor.
Prince Mattick Thantul, witnessing the power of the Srinshee, flees the fight of Myth Drannor.
As the baelnorn of Myth Drannor fight the mercenary army, the dead of Myth Drannor begin to sing.
Larloch shatters the minds of many of shade’s finest arcanists, among them Prince Aglarel.
The Shrinshee orders the baelnorn to protect the ‘Tree of Souls’. They form a magical shield around the tree, that even shields the tree from the later impact of the Shade Enclave.
The Srinshee sacrifices herself to wrest the magical energies from Larloch and High Prince Tanthul and strengthens the Weave with the power of the city’s mythal and the wards of Candlekeep.
Shade Enclave crashes onto Myth Drannor. Elminster ensures the death of High Prince Telamont Tanthul as the Shade Enclave crashes onto Myth Drannor. Elminster himself is saved by Mystra, who gained full control over the Weave again, stopping Shar from turning it into a new Shadowweave.
The last remaining defenders of the City of Song, among them Coronal Ilsevele Miritar and her consort Flar Starbrow, were rescued by the Srinshee and transported to Semberholme. The living elves temporarily abandon Myth Drannor.
Only few Shadovar survive the fall of their city, among them the sisters Manarlume and Lelavdra Tanthul and the arcanist Gwelt who later form a secret society, collecting surviving Thulthantans within the ‘Court of the Three’, which is located within the least damaged ruins of the former Citadel of the Raven. They also plan to retake surviving netherese cities.
Tabra, a female archmage and last apprentice of the netherese arcanist Ioulaum, who had been captured, tortured and disfigured by Telamont Tantul, is freed from stasis by the death of the High Prince. In revenge she sets out to destroy surviving Shadovar arcanists.

14th Marpenoth ‘The Herald’ Ends.
Vangerdhast is returned to human form by Mystra.
Abeir and Toril are apart again.

30th Marpenoth Waterdeep: the half-drow sorceress Lirdolin Lacûva of Dambrath begins to set up a timeline of the finale years of the Spellplague and the Time of the Sundering.

1488 DR Year of Dwarvenkind Reborn

Throughout much of Faerun, the winter of 1487 and 1488 lasted longer than any on record. The solstices and equinoxes had somehow drifted. Later seasons followed suit, with each starting and ending later than expected.

Cormyr/Suzail: The Dragon Rampant Club is burned to the ground after a wild spell duel between Manshoon and Shaaan the Serpent Queen. They fought over the mind of Lord Sardasper Halaunt who came to Suzail, offering to sell the legendary Lost Spell of the god Azuth. Lord Halaunt is left a drooling idiot and is returned to his home by his servants.
Cormyr: Drawn by rumors, that the legendary Lost Spell of the late god Azuth has been found several archmages meet at ‘Oldspires’, the home of Lord Sardasper Halaunt. The manor is curtained by a Spellstorm and the wizards find that they can’t leave and that their magic is diminished by the storm. The archmages assembled are Elminster of Shadowdale, Manshoon (once of the Zhentarim), Malchor Harpel (once of Longsaddle and still of the returned Twilight Tower), Tabra, Maraunth Torr, Skouloun and Yusendre (two surviving Elders of Nimbral), Runemaster Calathlarra of the Twisted Rune, Shaaan the Serpent Queen, Alastra Hathwinter of the Harpers, Laragunt of Threskel and an unnamed Red Wizard. The later two, spooked by their loss of magical power flee back into the Spellstorm and are turned insane by it. The ‘negotiations’ for the ownership of the Lost Spell that take place inside ‘Oldspires’ claim the lives of archmages Maraunth Torr, Skouloun and Yusendre of Nimbral, Runemaster Calathlarra, Shaaan the Serpent Queen and Alastra Hathwinter.

1489 DR Year of the Warrior Princess

Following Flamerule, Vhaeraun and Eilistraee are separate deities with the same powers and portfolios they had before 1375, but a new understanding, respect, and even friendship for each other. Some of their followers still war with each other, but the two deities do not. Thus far, Eilistraee’s teachings after the Sundering are the same as before the Sundering.

1490 DR Year of the Star Walker’s Return
Dessarin Valley: Cultist of the Elemental Eye try to add Nurvureem, the ‘Dark Lady’ of Rundeth Manor, to their ranks, but the ‘drow dragon’ declines the offer by killing most of the cult’s envoys.
(Note: ‘Princes of the Apocalypse’Adv. begins)

1491 DR Year of the Scarlet Witch
The woodelf Morgwais, called the ‘Red Lady’ or ‘Lady of the Wood’, seeks to unite the disparate elftribes of the High Forest through the Caerilcarn (Council of the Wood) to resurrect the ancient kingdom of Eaerlann. In 1491 DR first steps have been taken by allying various elven settlements. (PotA Adv. pg.16)
(Note ‘Princes of the Apocalypse’Adv. ends)

1492 DR Year of the Flying Fortress
Prince Caliburnus of Netheril discovers the ruins of Ioulaum’s flying enclave of Xinlenal within Neverwinter Wood. He wants to repair the city’s mythallar and put Xinlenal back into the sky.
Kolthunral, one of Netherils smaller flying cities under the command of Duchess Antethriss, formerly Prince Clariburnus personal assassin, attacks Thay and especially the city of Surcross. It probably crashes down in Thay after months of besieging Thay.

1493 DR Year of the Fallen Vampire Lord
Ravenswatch is formed, and defend Thundertree from Rakaasha Axe-Biter, warlord of the Axe-Biters.
Count Strahd von Zarovich is slain by Ravenswatch, and Barovia is renamed the Town of Ravenswatch in celebration.

1494 DR Year of the Azure

Dalereckoning (DR): Dalereckoning is taken from the Year of Sunrise, when the Standing Stone was raised by the elves of Cormanthor and the human Dalesfolk. Since this time, humans were permitted by the Elven Court to settle in the more open regions of the forests. In some texts, primarily those which do not have direct ties to Dales history, Dalereckoning is called Freeman’s Reckoning (FR). The calendar is widely used in Faerûn but has not spread beyond its shores. Dalereckoning is the most common year measurement and is used in all of the Forgotten Realms.

Cormyr Reckoning (CR): Cormyr Reckoning begins at the foundation of House Obarskyr, the dynasty that still rules that land. The 25-year gap between Cormyr Reckoning and Dalereckoning has caused much of the confusion regarding elder days. Timelines and calendars of the period often use DR designators, but place the founding of Cormyr at 1 DR instead of 26 DR. This is understandable[who?], given that the two reckonings are from two nearby parties and spread by a third (the merchants of Sembia), but it causes learned sages to slam their heads violently against their desks trying to figure things out.

Northreckoning (NR): Used in the City of Waterdeep, Northreckoning dates from the year Ahghairon became the first Lord of Waterdeep. A more archaic system called Waterdeep Years (WY) dates from the supposed first use of Waterdeep as a trading post. This reckoning is now largely abandoned except in ancient texts.

Mulhorand Calendar (MC): One of the oldest calendars in use in the Realms[citation needed], this ancient scheme of record-keeping dates from the founding of Skuld, the City of Shadows, reputedly by a Mulhorandi god.

Present Reckoning (PR): In an attempt to get a handle on the various number systems in use, a new type of reckoning has been implemented with the approval of such worthies as Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun of Waterdeep and Vangerdahast of Cormyr and carried abroad by the Harpers. All year-dates trace back to the Time of Troubles as Year 0.

The Names of years
Every year has its own name in Dalereckoning. Year names are listed in Year Names in Dalereckoning.

Calendar of Harptos
There are 365 days in the year, split up into twelve months of thirty days each with five holidays that fall between some months. The names of the months are given in both the formal names and the common ones. The seasons run like they do for the northern hemisphere; Hammer is like January and Flamerule is like July. Each week consists of ten days, called a tenday.

Month Name Common name
1 Hammer Deepwinter
2 Alturiak The Claw of Winter
3 Ches The Claw of the Sunsets
4 Tarsakh The Claw of the Storms
5 Mirtul The Melting
6 Kythorn The Time of Flowers
7 Flamerule Summertide
8 Elesias Highsun
9 Eleint The Fading
10 Marpenoth Leaffall
11 Uktar The Rotting
12 Nightal The Drawing Down

The holidays are Midwinter, Greengrass, Midsummer, Highharvestide and The Feast of the Moon. Midwinter falls between Hammer and Alturiak, Greengrass between Tarsakh and Mirtul, Midsummer is between Flamerule and Eleasis, Highharvestide is between Elient and Marpenoth, and The Feast of the Moon is between Uktar and Nightal.

Note: The holidays do not fall on the actual day the season changes. The 19th of Ches is the Spring Equinox, the 20th of Kythorn is the Summer Solstice, the 21st of Elient is the Autumn Equinox and the 20th of Nightal is the Winter Solstice.

Every four years, another holiday called Shieldmeet is added as a leap day immediately following the Midsummer holiday.

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