Darth Otaku

A Murder Spree in Thundertree

The Bar and the Drow


Upon their arrival to Thundertree, the adventurers are approached by a frantic Priestess Nebella. She informs them, and the guild, of the impending doom that will befall the town. She says her contacts have informed her that an orc army, numbering at least 400, are marching on Thundertree, decimating towns as they go. She estimates that they could arrive as soon as a week, maybe more.
Vain goes to the local inn in search of allies, and finds that by a stroke of luck, fifty adventurers have roomed up here on their way to another town. By a miracle, he convinces them to hear him out. He acts out his latest adventure for them, and they decide that if he can beat five of them in hand-to-hand combat, they will follow him into battle. Ten men stand up to challenge him, and he accepts. He dodges each blow, and takes five men out. And, as promised, the adventurers agree to fight, and cheer heartily for the young dragon knight.
As the party and the villagers try to find ways to prepare the town, the guardsman Fredrick comes to a few members with a desperate plea. He informs them that a string of murders has stricken the town, and the suspected killer is in custody. Fredrick, however, is not convinced they have the right man.
The man behind bars is a former guard captain, and would play a key role in leading the village against the orcs. He asks them to find the real murderer. They agree, and choose to spend the night at the Red Flagon Inn. A nasty storm begins to brew, and they soon find the town in almost hurricane-like weather. As they sit around the Inn, the bartender throws several riddles at Baaza and King, for a small reward to whomever may solve them. They solve three out of four, and take their gold. Elsewhere in the bar, Aunnie scolds a trickster who is scamming a man out of his money during a game of cards, and starts to play against him.
The bar windows burst open, letting the storm inside. As they do, King and Vain see a figure standing outside, looking in. They jump out to chase the figure, who climbs up onto the roof of the Inn.
Meanwhile, while playing cards, blood drips onto Aunnie’s cards from the ceiling. Kushula goes to check it out, and when she opens the door to one of the rooms, she finds a grisly scene. There are bodies hanging from the rafters, and one woman has been stabbed multiple times on her bed. There is a symbol on her chest, and when Kushula approaches, he is sent into a dizzying memory of the murder as it happened.
On the rooftop, King and Vain spot someone retreating down an alleyway. They jump down to give chase, and follow the figure to the other side of town, into the elvin quarter. They corner him, and his friends come out from the darkness, ready to defend him. They are blown away by King’s thunderous wave, and then questioned. The boy is just a petty thief, and agrees to help find the killer. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Party gains Elvin Thief as an ally.
They make their way back toward the Inn.
At the Red Flagon, Kushula relays everything he has seen, and the group starts to question the bartender and his workers, gathering clues. They suspect one of the girls, and that same girl tells them to meet her at the barn on her father Bann Teagon’s farm. Reluctantly, they agree, and leave for the farm twenty minutes after she does. On the way, they meet up with King and Vain, and they exchange information. King goes with, and Vain goes to the Inn, where Baaza is. When they arrive, they find that the girl they were to meet had been slain, hung from the rafters, and flayed.
They hear the murderer flee toward town, and follow. Eventually they catch up, and a fight ensues, the sounds muffled by the raging storm. The battle is fierce, and they discover that one of the men they had not suspected, Tom, is actually a drow female named Chessnilee. She uses her memory scribe dagger and her ice magic against the group, but King combats her magic with his breath attack, and the two elements clash, sending both parties away. At the conflicts end, Baaza and Vain find the party, and just then, Dante delivers the final blow, knocking Chessnilee unconscious.
They take her possessions, and hand her over to Fredrick. The legal matters are resolved, and the guard captain is freed.



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