Darth Otaku

Take Up Arms!

The Hobgoblin Troop, and the Search for Arms


In an effort to prepare the town for the orcs, the Adventurers hear about a band of hobgoblins roaming the woods. Most recently, they attacked an elvin hunting party. Baaza, Kushula and Aunnie go out in search of the hobgoblins. Within ten minutes, they hear the approach of a band of three of them.
They hide in the bushes, and when their targets near closer, they attack. Each of them takes out a hobgoblin, and they loot the bodies, taking all valuables. They stash the weapons, and go in search of the other hobgoblins.
An hour or so later, they nearly stumble upon the second band, which is resting near a clearing in the forest. They sneak up on the three hobgoblins, and realize that among them is the leader, as well as a pet wolf. WIth one shot, they manage to take out the wolf, and while Aunnie and Kushula take on the minion hobgoblins, Baaza takes on the leader. The normal ones are picked off easily, and together, they kill the remaining one. They stash these weapons with the loot from the other group, and continue onward in search of the hobgoblin hideout…



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