Darth Otaku


The Mines and the Spiders


The group, having collected their reward from the goblins, decide to take the mayor up on his offer to clear out the old mines that once served as the town’s main revenue. The group travels to the mines and split up into two teams. As the first team, consisting of King, Dante and Vain venture ahead, the second team, Baaza, Aunnie and Kushula, turn right, and find themselves pitted against three spiders. They defeat the arachnids with ease, and search the room, finding poisons from the spiders themselves
Meanwhile, Vain splits off from his two teammates, and is struck paralyzed and poisoned by a small spider. He is wrapped in webbing, and then suspended on the ceiling of the spider feeding chambers. Elsewhere, King spots a bridge ahead, and with his torch, sets the structure aflame. The flames spread to the webbed walls and ceiling, and, unknowingly, this sets the feeding chamber ablaze as well.
King and Dante continue, not aware that they are leaving their friend behind. They come across an egg chamber, and King uses his lighting breath to decimate them all at once.
In the beginning of the mines, Aunnie, Kushula and Baaza exit the room and see that the walls and ceiling are on fire. Knowing that the Priestess Nebella’s brother may be found in one of the rooms that may or may not be ablaze, they rush to the nearest room, killing all spiders that did not flee when the room began to catch fire. They cut down all sacs from the ceiling, revealing Vain, as well as a mother and her two sons. They heal the wounded, and escort the three civilians out.
Dante and King defeat two spiders that had been guarding the eggs, and the third escapes to the queen’s lair. They follow, and find themselves against the biggest spider yet: a gargantuan queen. They fight it, and Dante succeeds in killing the messenger spider. King accidentally lights two walls on fire with his torches, and the flames start to spread, lighting up the room a bit. As they fight it, the others rejoin them, and the six adventurers fight the beast for several minutes. During this, King is nearly swallowed whole, and takes advantage of it to set a rope aflame and throw it down the spider’s gullet. The group takes the spider down with a series of cunning strikes, severing slashes and a whole lot of fire…inside and out. With victory at hand, Aunnie delivers the final blow, slicing the stomach open and spilling guts onto the ground.
They find fangs, poison and find that the room is full of equipment belonging to the Blue Lionshield Guild.
The return the supplies and the civilians to Thundertree, and collect their reward for the quest.
The party gains 1 renown with the mayor.



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