Bailwick War Snake


Bailiwick War Snake
Gargantuan Animal, Neutral
Armor Class: 15 (heavy snake plates)
Hit Points: 168
Speed: 120 feet
STR: 18 DEX: 12 CON: 18 INT: 2 WIS: 10 CHA: 2
Senses: Dark-vision 120 feet, scent
Languages: none
Challenge: 9 when including all soldiers

Advantage on saving throws to being charmed.
Charm contingency: Immunity to the charmed status so long as the “Rider & Tactician” are still mounted.
Living Vehicle: The War snake is used primarily to transport troops through battle. The war snake is piloted by a “Rider & Tactician”. The war snake also carries 18 riders in groups of 3 on each side, that are strapped on.

Wrap: Using its enormous form, the war snake can form a barrier around its prey. This formed a 25 foot radius circle of itself that is 10 feet tall.
Bite: Limited to 15 feet around the head. +6 / 2d10 +4 piercing DC 14 constitution throw taking 2d8poison on a failed save or half as much on a successful save.
Tail Slam: The snake whips its tail inward, hitting everyone in its circle. Starting at the units farthest from the head have them roll a strength saving throw of 20 against 2d10 bludgeoning. This attack hits the farthest target first, then the next closest inward and so on. and 1 successful save ends the attack as the tail is dramatically stopped.

  • Venom ball: Targets a 10 foot square. DC 14 reflex save taking 4d10 on a failed save and half as much on a successful save. Recharge on a roll of 5 or 6 on a d6.

Reactions: Once per day as a reaction, when brought to below half of its maximum health it may spit out up to 20 poisonous snakes. (pg. 308 of PHB) The snakes take up spaces starting from the head and fill up any free space until the entire 20 snakes have a spot. If there are not 20 free spaces, the snakes stop pouring out.

Their army parted. Where we thought they would roll out artillery we instead saw their new weapon. A nightmare of scale, steel, and venom. – Hodi, survivor from the fall of Arrashod.

The War Snake is over 150 feet long and 10 feet wide, and covered in shades of browns and greens. Their massive scales are each like a small shield of an ugly earth colored smattering and tucked away massive metal plates. Their eyes are a sickening yellow, but are more docile and demur than an untamed snake. Years of training have browbeat the wild out of it, replacing it with the 1,000 yard stare of a professional soldier. They are raised and trained typically by mercenary groups and great conquerors. The process involves raising the mega fauna from egg, and feeding it herbs and potions (usually brewed up by unscrupulous shamans and wizards) to enhance its size even more. As it grows, weights are fitted around it to accustom it to armor and when it hits full size they are strapped up with heavy pads and roughly crafted plates. While the snake itself is partially obedient on its own, when they enter battlefields their tactician will maintain magical influence on it. Snakes have 6 stations attached to it. There are 3 on each side, roughly starting 30 feet down from the head and in 20 foot increments from there. The stations have 3 soldiers attached to it. The War snake doubles as a quick transport for combat eager warriors to get in to the thick of it while doing a lot of damage. Two people, a rider and tactician, ride atop the head.

Using the Bailiwick War Snake
The War Snake is primarily used in great sieges and huge battlefields as a shock troops. An army should split , only to send these massive beasts down the center and attack tactical points. However if the PCs have made some powerful enemies or wandered in to the wrong area they might end up going head to head with a single war snake unit. The snake begins every fight by wrapping around the PCs forming a 25 foot radius area in the middle. Soldier on the inner stations take an action to detach themselves and move in to melee. Soldier on the out stations detach and take up positions to use their ranged weapons on top of the snake. The rider and tactician, act a single unit at the head of the snake and use defensive reactions.

Snake Troopers
Medium Human
Armor Class: 14 (chain shirt)
Hit Points: 20
Speed: 30 feet
STR: 15 DEX:12 CON:15 INT:10 WIS:9 CHA:10
Languages: Common

Actions: Mount/Dismount: may attach or unattached special latches in their armor to the snake’s armor to safely ride. Alchemist fire (1 use): 3 Dagger:3 / 1d4 +1 (range: 20/60) short sword +4 / 1d6 + 2

Rider & Tactician
Medium humanoid
Armor Class: 16
Hit Points: 36
Speed: 20 feet
STR: 11 DEX: 12 CON: 12 INT: 16 WIS: 16 CHA: 12
Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven,
Actions: Net (3 uses) + 3 / special Spells: (cantrip) Ray of Frost 1/day Bane 2/day Healing Word

Reactions: If attacked, Rider and Tactician may pull up their snake to take a ranged weapon attack for them. The attack attacks the snake’s AC and does damage to it. Spells: 1/day Shield 1/day Counterspell
Special: If slain, the snake will continue attacking but will no longer distinguish friend from foe, using area attacks as often as possible and merely doing whatever action targets the most possible units.


Bailwick War Snake

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