Out of the Abyss DM Notes

Drow Pursuit Level:
The last we saw the drow, an aboleth erupted from the lake to attack all. They escaped, captured the injured quaggoth, and regrouped, continuing their search for the runaway prisoners.


A female arkadian, this hot-headed girl is a seductress who has a tendency to set things aflame, or break them in two.

A female dhampire, Kadijah is a source with a trigger-finger and a short fuse. She partnered with Sabal long ago and has been with him ever since.

A female siren, she competes with Nexus in seducing members of the ragtag murdering group, and lures in Sabal day by day with her songs.

A male vampire, this bloodthirsty drifter found companionship with Kadijah, and then found himself stricken with the siren Celeste.

This male child of avalon is a flirt and a deceiving man, and uses his charm and connection to the realm of Fables to befriend Celeste.

An illithid and once employed under Asmodeus himself, Calamity has found himself in another precarious situation, and uses his knowledge of the Underdark to survive its dire wilderness.

A male drow, Sarith is sullen and keeps to himself, rebuffing most attempts to talk to him. He is the group’s guide, but is one of the least trustworthy, and wishes to feed them to Zuggmatoy, the demoness controlling his mind.
Feelings toward the group: He does not trust them, but knows their skills are valuable, and will toy with them, but will not murder them unless provoked.

A kuo-toa, Shuushar is likely one of the more unusual creatures any of the adventurers have met. He is a bit mad, and believes himself a prophet. He is unwilling to deter from his home along the Darklake, and will do anything he can to get there.
Feelings toward the group: He does not trust them, especially now that they have sacrificed the quaggoth to escape pursuit. He distrusts Sarith the most.

Stool is a myconid sprout, captured by Sarith before their capture by the other drow. He wishes to return home. He left the group when his only trusted companion, the goliath, was eaten by Sabal.
Feelings toward the group: He fears them, and will avoid them at all costs, especially Sabal. He will use other myconids to help him fight them off so he can escape.

This hulking quaggoth is the most menacing looking of the escaped prisoners, and most give him a wide birth. He believes he is a polymorphed elf prince, and is a pacifist. He had his calf sliced by Sarith, and was captured by the drow after the drow defeated the creature in the lake.
Feelings toward the group: Anger, wants revenge for handing him over as bait to the drow during pursuit

This male human is a puppeteer both figuratively and literally, but avoids physical conflict with his real body if possible. He is a man of cunning.

Twin deep gnomes, Topsy and her brother were originally from Blingdenstone in the Underdark. They are both wererats, and have turned Sabal. They fled when their curses took hold.
Feelings toward the group: They do not trust them, but they believe that some members of the group would make good companions, and may return later to turn them…

A male derro, Buppido is surprisingly gregarious and talkative. Buppido secretly believes he is the living incarnation of the derro god Diinkarazan—an avatar of murder offering bloody sacrifices.
Feelings toward the group: Crazed anger, wants to murder them all in the name of himself

A female shield dwarf scout from Gauntlgrym, Eldeth is high spirited and proud. Withes to go back to her home, and will do anything in the name of her king Bruenor.
Feelings toward the group: Hates Runt, but has simply mutual distrust with the rest of the group. She did not see her killer’s face.

A male goliath, this hot-tempered man was the only friend of the myconid Stool, and during an attack by a carrion crawler, was badly injured, and was finished off by Sabal.

A deep gnome spy, Jimjar is a feckless rogue with a devil-may-care attitude. He loves to gamble, and will do so often.
Feelings toward the group: He distrusts them, but will not backstab them unless given a reason to.

A male orc from the Iceshield tribe, Runt fled from the slaughter of a band of orcs at the hands of the dwarves, falling down a shaft and tumbling into the Underdark. He is generally unpleasant but is a great warrior.
Feelings toward the group: He hates them, but loves to bully the weakest of them. He will not hesitate to sell them out to better his position, but will not needlessly kill them because he knows they are useful.

Out of the Abyss DM Notes

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