Spellcasting Services

Spellcasting Services
Any settlement the size of a town or larger can provide some spellcasting services. Characters need to be able to travel to the settlement to obtain those services. Spell services generally available include healing and recovery spells, as well as information-gathering spells. Other spell services might be available as specified in the adventure. The number of spells available to be cast as a service is limited to a maximum of three per day total, unless otherwise noted.
Spellcasting Services Spell Cost
Cure wounds (1st level) 10 gp
Identify 20 gp
Lesser restoration 40 gp
Prayer of healing (2nd level) 40 gp
Remove curse 90 gp
Speak with dead 90 gp
Divination 210 gp
Greater restoration 450 gp
Raise dead 1,250 gp

Spellcasting Services from Jeny Greenteeth
The hag Jeny Greenteeth has taken up residence in Strahd’s realm of Barovia. She finds the Domain of Dread to her liking, and she especially enjoys being the only spellcaster in town willing to sell her services—and thus being able to force characters to do favors for her. In order to purchase a spell from Jeny, a character pays a cost in gold plus a number of downtime days. Downtime days spent in this manner do not reflect actual time passing (and do not require an additional gold piece or lifestyle payment). Instead, they reflect on a certain amount of wear and tear inflicted on a character’s body and soul. Jeny is willing to forgive the downtime requirement for her spells if you agree to one of her conditions. Once you have agreed to a condition, it cannot be taken back, undone, or done again. She accepts these gifts only once (so reroll if you roll a previously completed task). Jeny casts only one discounted spell for a character per adventure, regardless of whether that character paid the alternative downtime cost or not.
Spell Cost (gp + Downtime)
Cure wounds (1st level) 10 gp + 5 DT
Purify food and drink 10 gp + 5 DT
Identify 20 gp + 10 DT
Lesser restoration 40 gp + 10 DT
Prayer of healing 40 gp + 10 DT
Remove curse 90 gp + 15 DT
Speak with dead 90 gp + 20 DT
Greater restoration 450 gp + 50 DT
Raise dead 1,250 gp + 50DT*

  • Alternatively, a character can pay 250 gp + 150 DT and take a side effect, as if the character had been raised by the Dark Powers.

To determine Jeny Greenteeth’s alternative downtime costs, the DM rolls a d20 and consults the following table, or can choose a task.
Previously completed tasks cannot be repeated.
d20 Task 1 Give Jeny a lingering embrace
2 Allow Jeny to dig out one ounce of ear wax from your ear with only her finger. She is clearly saving it for something. . .
3 Bring Jeny thirteen strands of your hair; every strand must be exactly the length of your thumb.
4 Tell Jeny your deepest, darkest fear. You instinctively understand that she will know if you are lying, and that dismissing this as a laughable matter will enrage her!
5 Allow Jeny to trim your toenails with her teeth.
6 Give Jeny exactly one ounce of your skin. You can choose where on your body she peels it from.
7 Grant Jeny a stein full of your still-warm saliva. If it cools, you’ll have to collect it again.
8 Maintain direct and unblinking eye contact with Jeny for no less than one minute. Neither of you is allowed to speak. At the end of this time, you must succeed on a DC 10 Constitution saving throw or have Jeny scream so loudly that you begin your next adventure deafened. This condition lasts until you finish a long rest.
9 Convince your three closest allies to donate one drop of blood each to Jeny’s “friendship muffin” recipe. If they refuse, you must pay the full cost of the spell.
10 Build a bonfire and burn the large wicker human effigy near Jeny’s yurt. She assures you there’s nothing wrong. Don’t mind the screaming. . .
11 Bite the burgomaster’s finger, then make a successful DC 15 Strength (Athletics) check to run away. If you fail, spend 10 downtime days in jail or pay a 20 gp fine.
12 Bring the village execution to Jeny’s hut for “tea time.” You must succeed on a DC 15 Charisma (Persuasion) check to convince him it was all her fault and not yours. If you fail, spend 10 downtime days in jail or pay a 20 gp fine.
13 Praise the tax collector for his frugal and sensible tactics. You must succeed on a DC 15 Charisma (Deception) check to avoid his ire or suspicion. If you fail, spend 10 downtime days in jail or pay a 20 gp fine.
14 Recover three “puppy” hairs from Gregori’s shop, the Hare & Hair.
15 Bring Jeny a small white puppy, a large brown cat, and an aged rooster for use as spell components. All three animals must be alive when you hand them over.
16 Allow Jeny to dye your hair with a color of her choosing; this new color is permanent.
17 Eat eleven of Jeny’s cantaloupe-and-venison no-bake cookies, and be sure to clean up all the crumbs! You begin your next adventure with the poisoned condition.
18 You must promise to communicate exclusively through dance (no verbalizing allowed) during your next adventure. This does not prevent you from using verbal components to cast your spells, nor does it prevent you from using your bardic abilities. If you break this promise, you fall unconscious immediately, and any condition that Jeny’s spellcasting removed from you is reapplied with no saving throw permitted. At the start of each of your turns, you can attempt a DC 15 Charisma saving throw, regaining consciousness on a success.
19 Allow Jeny to remove your thumbnails with her favorite hammer. You begin your next game with one level of exhaustion.
20 Describe your family tree to Jeny. You must go back at least three generations. For those relatives still alive, she demands detailed descriptions of their likenesses and where they live. Character Disease, Death, and Recovery Sometimes bad things happen, and characters get poisoned, diseased, or die. Since you might not have the same characters return from session to session, here are the rules when bad things happen to characters.

Spellcasting Services

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